Healthy HIGH-Calorie Foods

poached egg and avocado

This is for the people who may want to actually GAIN some weight.  Or maybe just have some nice comfort foods around that you don’t feel bad about eating.  We are so used to people telling us NOT to eat high-calorie foods.  Well this isn’t always the best advice.  Of course I would advise not eating high-calorie “junk or processed” foods.  But real, whole, natural foods are a different story.  Ok, enough banter; let’s get to it.

Before I begin, I need to state that eating something is not enough to absorb it.  You remember the old saying: you are what you eat?  Well its wrong.  It’s not as simple as that any more in our modern world of Gluten, pasteurized dairy, medications, wrecked guts, stress, chemicals; you get the idea.  The new term is “You are what you ABSORB.”  Even eating all the calories in the world is not going to help you gain weight if you can’t absorb it.  And if you don’t absorb what you eat, then it just becomes toxic to your system anyway so that is obviously to be avoided.  So when it comes to healthy high-calorie foods, I believe it comes down to 3 main factors.

1. Digestibility for YOU:  Can you comfortably digest the meal?  Do you feel bloated after you eat it?  Does it sit well with you?  You need to be able to digest anything that you put into your body.  Most of the “foods” we are told not to eat is because humans can’t really digest them well.  (gluten, pasteurized dairy, processed foods).  This is of primary importance.  Also, cleansing your liver is very helpful here.  If your liver is gunked up from years of bad food choices, it is likely that your bile flow is reduced.  You need bile to digest and absorb good fats.

2. Caloric level:  This is a no brainer I know, but the food we are taking in has to have sufficient calories.  You can eat fruit and veggies all day and not always gain much.

3.  Cooking/eating method.  This is a big one.  We do too much frying and grilling in this country.  What happened to steaming?  Crock-pots?  Even eating things raw?  These all make things easier for our system to absorb nutrition.  Also, eat simple meals and really try not to combine heavy protein with starch.  “Mono-meals” are sometimes the best choice.

OK; that said let’s get on to the actual LIST here.  What exactly are the healthy high-calorie foods?

Avocados:  How can you not like an avocado?  These little puppies have around 300 calories.  This is RAW plant fat.  Soft, mushy, easily absorbable calories.

Olives: Great snacks.  Just make sure you get the real olives; not bottled in preservatives and pasteurized.  Get the raw stuff in “brine” or apple cider vinegar.  Again, RAW plant fat.  Another good option is olive oil.

Eggs:  Raw eggs (from a good source) are an amazing option here.  One thing you realize about eating after a while is that sometimes we get “full” from our digestive capabilities and not be our caloric intake.  Pop a few raw eggs in the morning and watch how easy they go down.  Leave them out on the counter for maybe 20 minutes to make sure they are at room temperature. That way, it’s not a big shock to your system.

RAW butter:  Again, how can you not like butter?  I know that this food has been scorned by “society” and replaced by margarines and high heated vegetable oils, but I can tell you that these are not good foods.  People have been eating raw butter for thousands of years as a nourishing, healing food.  It soothes the digestion.  Put a good amount over some steamed veggies (especially roots)

Root Vegetables:  Things like potatoes (fingerlings, reds, etc), but also sweet potatoes, parsnips, turnips, carrots, and rutabagas.  Most of these are high glycemic and should be mixed with healthy fats and low-glycemic vegetables.  So an ideal meal could be “mashed sweet potatoes with broccoli and a big pat of raw butter or coconut oil.”

Coconut oil:  There are several benefits to this food.  It is one of the easiest fats for our bodies to process.  Like everything else though, get it COLD-PRESSED from a reliable source.  This goes good over most vegetable or meat dishes.  Eating whole coconuts is another option.

Animal fats/Bone Marrow:  This is a long-forgotten food.  Once again, a fat from inside animals.  More and more local farmers are beginning to carry this ancient food.  When it comes to cooking animal foods, really go easy on the heat.  Get good quality meats and do not overcook them.  Rare is fine with beef and lamb.

RAW Nuts:  This is a tricky one, so be careful.  Raw soaked nuts and seeds have the potential to be a good caloric source.  However, they can also cause digestive problems.  Just make sure you soak/dehydrate them before you eat them.  Also, if there is any discomfort; discontinue.  Good options would be walnuts, macadamia, and almonds.

Carbs:  In addition to the root vegetables, things like bananas, fruit, peas, etc could help a bit as well.  Just be careful with any blood sugar issues.  Less preferred things could include a little rice or quinoa but again, be sure it’s prepared properly and digested well by your own body.

I’m sure there are many other good, nourishing foods out there.  These are some I personally find helpful.  Don’t be afraid of high-quality fats.  Eat them as feels right.  Also, don’t be afraid to add in some carbs if you are dragging all day and have no energy.  It’s basically all about balance here.  These are all foods that satisfy that “comfort” type of feeling without the negative consequences of “junk-food.”  These are also foods that will help people gain weight in general.  If you are looking to build muscle, these foods still apply but there are more foods required for that that are not on this list.  Hope you enjoyed.  I got very hungry writing this and looking at the avocados and juicy eggs =)  What are your favorite HEALTHY high-calorie foods?



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