Food Files: Peaches


English: A bowl of peaches with colors enhance...

Peaches are one of those lost fruits.  We usually grab an apple, some berries, something like that.  What happened to the bright orange and red peach?


Peaches have a ton of Vitamins C and A.  They have some healthy fiber.  They are amazingly juicy.  What is not to like?  We get ours from the farmers market fresh.


So let’s grab a peach instead of the apple next time and see how it sits with you.





7 thoughts on “Food Files: Peaches

      • Just had my flax milk, peach, banana, and cinnamon breakfast. I am hoping to make it to Saturday now. So that would make it 10 days. I’m really taking it one juice (or smoothie) at a time. I only made it to day 3 with the strict juicing. Smoothies kept me sane.

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