Is Healthy Food Too Expensive?


A lot of people will say that healthy food is too expensive.  Sometimes I can see this side of the coin; other times not so much.  I will readily agree that “junk food” on a whole may APPEAR cheaper.  But let’s take a look at what we are really “buying.”

PROCESSED FOOD:  This food is not alive.  It contains relatively no vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and probably dozens of other beneficial constituents that fresh food contains.  Things like gluten and pasteurized dairy gunk up and pollute our bodies.  Some sources (Stephan Guyenet and Jeremy Landen, Whole Health Source), show that American’s eat over 100 pounds of sugar yearly.  This comes in the form of soda pop, pastries, cookies, ice creams, candy bars, pies, lattes, you name it.  Most of this stuff is literally nothing your body wants.  The same goes with fried foods.  “Fast-Food Nation” shows that we spend over 100 BILLION dollars on fast-food every year.  Every time I drive down the road, places like McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Apple-bees, Steakhouses, and many more are always packed.  We act like we can’t buy good food and turn around and spend all this money on “fake food.”  I mean it’s not all our fault, most of us have been “Mind-washed” by savvy marketers and lack of government regulations but that is another story.  To add insult to injury, all of these things we waste money on end up ultimately leading to chronic health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc.  We then spend years on drugs and in doctors offices wondering where things went wrong.  So lets take a look at the other side?

REAL FOOD:  This food is alive.  Fresh produce and good quality animal products contain dozens if not hundreds of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and unknowns that help support our health.  This is the stuff we have been eating for thousands of years.  Is it a little more expensive?  Maybe.  Not at local farmers markets.  I can go with a 20 dollar bill and come back with a few bags worth of fruits and vegetables.  We have to look at things from the long-term perspective.  We have been tricked into this “buy cheaper today” mentality.  Try to buy local food as much as possible.  Another benefit is that the healthier you get, the less food you ultimately need.  After being on a good diet for a while, your body starts finally getting what it needs.  You stop having cravings, you stop overeating, and you realize how crazy the diet you have been on has truly been.  We eat so much in this country because our body doesn’t know any other way to get what it needs.  It thinks that food is the answer, but no matter how many pizzas or ice cream sundaes we eat, it still won’t be satisfied.  Eating real food will end up making you happier, healthier, safe on health expenses, and time.  I mean, do we really want to sit in doctors offices in our later years?

So I guess I can see both sides of this argument.  Honestly, when people say they can’t afford good quality produce and they are out getting pizza hut, drinking beer, and buying cigarettes; I just can’t agree with you.  It is our responsibility as citizens, husbands, wives, and humans to stop funneling this junk into our bodies based on the financial principle.  Learn a little about organic gardening and start-up your own vegetable garden.  Packets of seeds cost maybe a few dollars.  Remember that before all this junk came out people grew a large portion of their own food from seeds.  I know this was a little bit of a rant today but I think that it is important that we stop getting in the way of our own health.  Tomorrow’s post will be on things that get in the way of being healthy.  Finances is one of them.  I will provide some more tips on how to recognize and change these blocks.  So in the meantime, cut down on the fast-food, restaurants, and 5$ lattes from star-bucks.  Start putting your money into real, clean food.  Then sit back, and watch what happens to your life.



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