Food Files: Wild Sardines


Fish is a health food right?  Mostly, well, er, it used to be.  We used to catch wild fish, oily fish, good fatty fish.  What happened to this?  Now we farm fish, feed them crap, and eat only the most bland, boring fish usually.  What happened to the sardines, the salmon, the mackerel?

Wild sardines are a serious health food.  Make sure to get the good stuff that is sustainably caught and has been tested for mercury levels.  We have managed to pollute a lot of good quality fish in the world with our garbage.  We get ours from “Wild Planet.”  The stuff is very lightly smoked (not overcooked), juicy, and packed in a little olive oil and sea salt.  What are the benefits of these little fish besides tasting great?

Next to beef liver, sardines are one of the highest sources of vitamin B12 containing over 100% of your daily value.  They also contain calcium iron, potassium, Vitamin D, and selenium.  They also contain Coenzyme Q-10.  Basically, this food has a ton of critical nutrients that most American’s are lacking in such as B12 and vitamin D.  They also contain massive amounts of omega-3 fats.  The more I write about this, the more I realize it truly is a superfood.  They are fairly easy to digest and make an excellent protein choice.  They also happen to store well for extended periods of time.

So let’s all load up on the sardines and start using our purchasing power to opt for the clean, wild version instead of the farmed stuff.



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