Ridding Yourself of Bacteria and Parasites

An Ikea garlic press, with pressed garlic.

How to clean up your body?  This is an extremely complex issue.  Of course, just one guy’s opinion.  I am not a doctor, but there are some basic fundamental principles that people should be aware of when it comes to BUGS.  Some people may not like this but it is important to understand.

1.  Most people likely have out of balanced bacteria profiles in their body as well as parasites/worms hitching a ride.  This is especially true in the elderly, people with chronic illness, people full of toxins, people with energetic/trauma issues, etc.  The population and scientific community still have not quite figured out how all of this works yet.

2.  Bugs do not necessarily “infect” healthy people.  In a healthy system, our immune system should be strong enough to kick these things out.  Clean blood = clean body.  But when we have overloaded our systems for years with toxic food (especially gluten and pasteurized dairy), dead food, terrible mental/emotional patterns, chemicals, lotions, overeating, etc; Our body is no longer clean on the inside.  Most people end up with gunk in their intestines, clogged livers/kidneys, and other byproducts of our lifestyle.  So think about this from an “outside” perspective.  If you scrub and clean your kitchen it should remain free of bugs and decomposers.  But if you leave some rotting food out, something is going to come along and clean it up.  This is just how the world works.  It is almost pointless to attempt to remove these critters unless you are willing to make serious lifestyle changes to create an inner terrain that is inhospitable to them.

Of course there are many opinions and strategies out there for getting rid of these things.  There is no one way to do it, but I will share some general tips that would help most of us drastically decrease counts of these things.  These are in order of importance in my opinion.

1.  Cut out the junk and nourish well:  Top bug food would include sugars and anything that clogs your body up.  Top contenders are anything with sugar (except fruit/veggies), gluten, packaged foods, pasteurized dairy, “dead foods.”  Also stop with the chemicals, synthetic products for make-ups, lotions, etc.  Instead, start to fuel your body with GOOD things like deep breathing clean air, sunlight, grounding, clean water, and good quality whole-foods.  Try not to overeat.  Get enough sleep.  Realize that antibiotics, vaccines, and medical drugs play a big role in messing up our gut and immune system, often killing off a lot of the “good bacteria.”

2.  Find any “blockages” in your system and remove them:  This is a complex topic but would include things such as organ detoxification (gallstones, kidney stones), getting digestion/elimination running smoothly, fixing structural problems with a good chiropractor, removing mental/emotional traumas and conflicts, bad belief patterns, bad relationships, lack of sleep/exercise, and not accepting yourself on a deep level.  This could also be addressing any nutritional deficiencies you may have.  Again, trying to go in and KILL bugs is likely to fail without removing the blockages in your body that stop your own system from trying to heal itself.  You may actually end up harming yourself if you skip this step.

3.  OK:  Now that we have addressed why most people GET bugs/parasites to begin with, we can move on to helping nicely (or not so nicely) MOVE them to a new residence.  How do we do this?  There are several approaches.  I personally wouldn’t use anti-biotic (except in extreme cases) as they are basically toxic to our bodies as well.  I prefer using God’s medicine cabinet (herbs and food), fasting, exercise, sleep, prayer, etc.  Most of these are big topics.  In short; don’t overeat, utilize nourishment from “prana” or “qi” in the form of clean air, pure water, sun, and grounding.  Sleep well.  Develop a spiritual relationship.  Work on any self-critical beliefs or emotional traumas that would prevent healing.  The big focus here though is the herbs.  Which herbs can we use to kick out the bugs?

4.  There are 2 particularly powerful types of things we can use.  The first are herbs.  Things we used to eat a lot of.  To a lot of people, herbs are some old, powdered thing on a shelf we use to season food with.  I am talking about fresh, juicy, or freshly dried herbs.  Things that still contain their potency.  So what herbs?  Chinese medicine contains a lot of herbs that I don’t know a lot about.  Things that are successful with most people would include:

-RAW GARLIC:  This is the bad-boy mainstay.  Cleanses the blood, kills all types of bad bugs, good for the heart and immune system, provides nutrition for the liver detox pathways, and more.  Also helps with heavy metals.  May not be the most fun thing to eat.  Takes some getting used to.  Try chopping up half a clove and adding it to some meals.  Up the dosage as you feel you can tolerate.

-RAW GINGER: Again, wow.  Greatly aids in circulation of all types (digestion, brain, circulatory system, etc).  The bugs do not like this stuff.  Maybe this is why they eat it with sushi eh?

-PROBIOTICS:  We need to replace the friendly bacteria that we lose.  Especially important if you take antibiotics.  I would recommend taking these guys away from the other things on this list.  No need for expensive formulations and supplements.  Create things like raw sauerkraut, salsa, kimchi, etc.

-FRESH OREGANO:  Fresh oregano will do the trick also.  Add to salads, steamed vegetables, meat dishes, etc.

-COCONUT OIL:  Long used to kick out parasite/bacterial infections as well.  This is just a good, tasty food as well.

-PAU D’ARCO TEA:  South American tree bark.  Very anti-fungal.  Good for candida problems.

-FRESH CINNAMON:  Again, fresh is the key here.  Use a coffee grinder to grind your own.  You will be amazed at the potency of this stuff.  Sprinkle on apples or sweet potatoes.

These things should greatly inhibit and kill of lot’s of these nasty critters.  These are mainly things that will not change your lifestyle too drastically.  However, if you find yourself really struggling I would recommend two extra things.

1.  Get ahold of a professional “deworming” formula.  Honestly, you can make your own if you get a recipe.  These usually include things like wormwood, black walnut hulls, cloves, etc.  You may also make a wormwood tea if you are strong enough.  This has been used to even kick Malaria out of the body.

2.  Use “essential oils.”  Meditate with them.  Pray with them.  Exercise with them.  Sleep with them.  These oils are usually extremely high vibration and will help raise your own vibration.  A lot of them are anti-bug as well.  Winners in this field are anything with oregano oil, clove, cinnamon, thyme, etc.  Make sure to get a good quality one.  If you are looking for a good all-around mainstay try “THIEVES” oil.  High vibration and anti bug, parasite, etc.

3.  If the problem keeps coming back, look to the ROOT cause.  Realize that parasites are almost never the root cause.  They are there because of the environment.  Common root causes for a lot of people would include:  Food intolerances, emotional trauma, belief system issues, detoxification issues, etc

So in all, bacteria, parasites, and virus’s are big problems in America.  The sad thing is that most of these problems are avoidable.  They are mostly created by our lifestyle including poor diet, rest, emotional issues, toxins, clogged organs, etc.  The good thing is that they tend to respond very well to POSITIVE lifestyle choices as well.  Basically, worms and bacteria are decomposers.  They are low on the food chain.  They are LOW-VIBRATIONAL creatures.  They can only hop a ride when our energy is low.  So let’s raise our own vibrations, get healthy, and KICK these silly things out.



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