Benefits of Getting Away

Botanical Garden / Ogród Botaniczny

Sometimes we just want a little variety in life right?  A change of scenery, a different viewpoint, a break from the everyday.  This may mean a change of pace, schedules, places, etc and letting go of some of your “comforts” for a time being.  But what are the benefits here?

I’m not talking about going on some mega-vacation that is going to stress you physically, financially, and emotionally.  I’m talking about a little “getaway.”  A weekend trip, a retreat for a few days.  Packing light, not having a huge schedule, and “planning” for relaxation is what I’m getting at here.  We have become so obsessed with getting things done that we sometimes forget to just BE.  Unplug from the computers, the cell phones, the distractions and just BE.

Where is your favorite “getaway” or retreat that you go to for peace, recharging, relaxation, and fun?



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