Food Files: Carrots


Морковь - Carrot


Carrots anybody?  Come on now.  Even people who don’t like “vegetables” usually do ok with some carrots here and there.  These are one of the most versatile vegetables I can think of.  They can be eaten in many different ways.  They mix well with other cooked vegetables.  They are not so starchy that they don’t mix well with meats and other proteins.  Many people juice them along with things like celery, parsley, and other green vegetables.  They are fairly cheap to buy in bulk as well.  There isn’t much that the carrot can’t do.  They contain nutrients such as Vitamin A, beta carotene, calcium, and many others.  Just watch out with juicing as it is easy to consume massive quantities of this vegetable as it is very tasty.  Great post workout for cardio exercise.





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