What is “Prana” or “QI”?

Canyon Falls

Back from vacation guys.  Had a great time.  I keep thinking about this more and more lately.  The fact that as humans, we live off of so much more than just food.  I think that the quantities of food we eat in America are absolutely ridiculous.  Both the quality and the quantity.  I used to feel that I could overeat on anything as long as it was healthy food.  Overeating is still not good for our bodies regardless.  Starting to utilize the “purer” forms of nutriment is one of the easier and cheaper ways to start improving our health.  Qi or Prana basically mean “life energy.”  The stuff that is nourishing us at any given moment without us even being aware of it.  Things like clean fresh air, water, sunlight, grounding to the earth, positive emotions, etc.  It is an evolution, not something to accomplish.  I will provide a basic outline of the steps I would take in trying to do this.

1. Cut Out The JUNK:  The body is only craving junk because we haven’t shown it any other way.  What the mind believes, the body will attempt to follow even if it is sub-optimal.  If we are taught we need to eat giant meals and tons of junk to sustain ourselves, this is what the body will do.  This is especially true when there is hardly any good nutrition in the processed foods to begin with.

2.  RAISE nutritional levels:  Opt for fresh, organic food.  Mix it up.  Don’t eat the same thing day in and day out.  Make sure you are getting a wide variety in your diet so that you get a large nutrient base.  Lots of colorful fruits and vegetables is a great place to start.  Round it out with good quality, lightly cooked proteins, fats, etc.  Eat as your body guides you to eat.

3.  Shift to higher RAW:  This is a tricky one and can confuse a lot of people.  Raw food has more “prana” or “qi,” but it can also be hard to digest.  Indian and Chinese medicine practitioners knew this and did not recommend eating “all raw” food.  I agree with this maxim.  There are certain things that most people simply can’t digest efficiently without being “juiced/blended, etc.”  These are things like raw salad greens; as in kale, collard greens, etc.  Potatoes/sweet potatoes, some other tubers like carrots, broccoli, and more.  Some do better than others.  You just need to find your own personal comfort level.  There are however, things that are safe for almost all of us to consume raw.  These would include fruits, most plant fats (avocados, soaked nuts if you eat nuts, olives, olive oil, coconut oil), some vegetables (especially juiced or blended), some animal products like eggs, milk, and butter.  Even meats sometimes as in sashimi.  Keep in mind that some cultures have existed with cooked food for longer and do best with more of it.  Just focus on the highest quality, lightly cooked nutrition you can find.

4.  Become more AWARE:  Of the energy in your environment.  Our bodies have a lot greater ability to detect life and energy than we give ourselves credit for.  How is the air around you?  Is it clean or smoggy?  Is your water from a spring or does it contain chemicals?  Do you get sunlight on your body most days?  Do you get grounding in?  Is your environment causing your emotions to go haywire, or does it promote peace and healing?  These are some basic questions to think about as you transition.

5. UTILIZE and SHOW:  Start using these newfound “gifts” that the universe offers to every living thing.  Practice deep breathing, take up qigong or pranayama yoga.  Absorb the sunlight, the clean water, the earth.  Get enough good quality sleep.  Show your body that there is indeed other sources of energy on this planet besides for FOOD.  Think of human bodies as hybrid cars.  Food is designed to be a supplement like gas is to electric cars.  Our PRIMARY sources of fuel is that from fresh air followed by clean water.  Sun, grounding, and food are all essential too, but in smaller amounts.  If you liken it to having 5 different inputs on your “vehicle,” how many are you MAXIMIZING?  If air is our primary form of nutrition; are you getting 50% of that or 100%?  Just changing how we breathe and drink can have a giant impact on our health.

6.  Don’t GOAL-SET:  Don’t make it a goal to eat super light or to become enlightened or anything like that.  Your goal could be to listen to your body and let it evolve.  As you provide higher and higher levels of life-energy into your system, you will find that you just won’t be as hungry as you used to be.  Our bodies are very intelligent.  Often people who switch to healthy eating find that they just don’t crave the junk much anymore.  The body craves what it needs.  Soon you will start craving the “QI” and “Prana.”  You will get excited to breathe deeply every day and feel the energy that it provides.  To soak up the sun.  These are our true nourishment’s.  So don’t get too focused on the end-result.  Just focus on the basics and let your body tell you what it wants.

7. Be CREATIVE:  Prana is everywhere.  It doesn’t just come from air, water, sun, and earth.  It also comes from US.  It comes in the form of a beautiful piece of music or art.  Sometimes just listening to someone or viewing an art show can provide amazing input.  This is a transference of “QI.”  A single person can transmit amazing energy to thousands if they are willing to accept it and pick it up.  The same is true of kindness and good-will.  A few small words can make an amazing difference for people who are feeling down in the dumps.  Laughter and funny movies is a great tool as well.  There really is no “limit” or “rule” for what you can absorb life energy from.

After a while, you will just instinctively know where to get it.  Honestly, it is always here for us.  We just need to learn to drop our walls and absorb it.  The natural tendency of the world is to absorb and soak in life-energy.  We have just forgotten how.




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