Food Files: Cod Fish

Sauteed Rock Cod Fillets

Cod fish Cod fish.  What is so good about cod-fish?  I have begun to accept that one of the properties that define a “healthy” protein from an “unhealthy” protein happens to be digestibility.  This is why large quantities of pork sausage and other rough meats are generally not the greatest for us.  Not that it has no good qualities.  Most people don’t take the time to chew their food, the tough meat or steak doesn’t get digested, and simply clogs up our bodies.  This is why meat gets a bad name.  To boot, most people don’t have much digestive enzyme production from years of processed foods.  So what happened here?  This is actually a separate post altogether (tomorrow) but COD happens to be one of the easier proteins to digest.  Melt in your mouth cod.  Bake it or lightly grill it on low heat.  Cook until flaky and do not overcook it.  Chew well.  Season with a little salt and coconut or olive oil.  Goes great with almost any combination of vegetables.  As far as cooked proteins goes, it is probably one of the better choices.  As usual, just be sure you go with a wild-caught, clean source.



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