Is Your Schedule TOO Healthy?


This one is for all the health fanatics out there.  I myself have been guilty of some of this stuff in the past.  But seriously, is the schedule too healthy?  Popping massive amounts of supplements, reading health information all over the internet and in books, running around in a fear-state much of the time; is it really worth it?  I’m going to list a few basic truths before I begin.

1.  Animals (including humans) didn’t used to have to TRY to be healthy.  We lived in clean, natural environments.  We got a lot of fresh air, sunlight, exercise, grounding, and hopefully water.  We lived with the seasons because we had to.  We lived off of the land.  Of course there were strange virus’s, poisonous plants, and wild animals to be wary of; but the chronic illnesses of today didn’t really exist.  If you look at the work of Weston Price you will find that many native populations didn’t really get things like cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue, or many of the other “modern plagues.”  So is it really that we have to TRY to be healthy so much?  Or do we simply need to UNLEARN our modern ways?

I vote for the latter.  We have designed our lives for convenience and ease.  We live indoors most of the time.  Our air is polluted.  We have EMF radiation all over the place now.  We don’t exercise much.  We are taught to suppress our emotions. We are taught that doctors or relying overly on supplements are the answer. These are all completely unnatural.

So what does your schedule look like?  There are so many good treatments and practices we can do to improve our health, but sometimes focusing on too many or trying to do TOO MUCH at one time is actually…wait for it…unhealthy.  So I’m just going to throw out 2 examples here and let you make up your own mind which sounds better.

1. The first thing I do in the morning is to take 6 different kinds of supplements.  These may be synthetic.  They may be in amounts or combinations that my body has no clue what to do with.  After taking my supplements, I make a big blended shake. This may contain fruit, nuts, salad greens, protein powder, milk, and whatever other “HEALTH” foods I can possibly throw in there.  It doesn’t matter to me that all of these foods digest in different ways and take different times.  I follow it up with running a few miles even though I didn’t sleep well last night.  But I need to do it for the exercise right?  After workout, I eat the latest fad supplemental food such as “goji berries,” “maca,” or some other fancy thing I have never heard of yet.  During the day, I talk with everyone I can about how “healthy” I am or what I am doing to improve my health.  I try to PROVE that my way is the better way to be.  Did i forget to meditate this morning?  In the evening I may take some digestive enzymes with my dinner to stimulate digestion.  I try to meditate at night but my head is swimming from all of the supplements, pills, and foods I have consumed.  Maybe I should do one meditation in the morning and one at night?  What a DAY!

2.  I wake up and am thankful for another day.  Sipping on a warm cup of water feels right after sleeping and healing all night.  I may do some light meditation and deep breathing to LISTEN to what my body wants today.  Usually it is calling for less.  Less pills, less treatments, less stimulation.  It wants to be allowed to express itself.  Breakfast may be some fresh pressed vegetable juice followed later by some local fruit.  I try to eat with the seasons and eat locally as much as possible.  If I am exercising, I listen to my body and do what feels good.  I don’t push things.  I give thanks when I eat and allow my body to feel and sense how each food feels.  I eat in simple combinations.  I try to laugh a lot.  I am developing a lifelong spiritual practice that makes sense to me.  I allow myself to be vulnerable, weak, and accept my humanity on a deep level.  I make a decision to face and “stand up” to any events that were in my past that may be blocking my future.  I make my relationship with myself a good one and not one based on ego.  I create loving relationships in my life.  I decide that the best way to be healthy is to live in a healthy environment.  I stop trying to prove things to people or get them to follow the BEST way.  I accept that each person much follow his or her path.  We can guide or show people, but ultimately it is US that must make the decision.  I do a little reflexology and some mental/emotional work before bed.  Usually I fall asleep praying or trying my best to get in a state of gratitude for life.  I try to listen to where the universe wants to take me.  What a DAY!

It probably isn’t hard to tell what I think the more effective path is.  Interestingly enough, while writing it; I realize that it is not so much the foods, the supplements, etc that needs work.  It is the MIND and EMOTIONS.  We need to remember that we have not been on “high-alert” for what is healthy in the past.  Unfortunately, in the modern age of processed foods, emf’s, and “modern medicine,” we need to be very careful with what we do.  So we get hyper-alert.  This is not the answer.  If I could put getting healthy into 2 basic parts, they would be.

1. Design a healthy living space.  This includes low-stress, good family relationships, good quality food, clean air, low emf, funny/fun things to do, and away from any craziness in the outside world.  A HOME is supposed to be a loving retreat.  Let’s remember that.

2.  Develop a spiritual practice centered on learning WHO you REALLY are deep down.  This often means accepting the parts of ourselves we may not like; ie: our weaknesses, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in front of other people, and learning to feel more what the universe and God really look like

With these two things, it is amazing what can happen in your life.  So let’s not make our schedules more “healthy” than they need to be.  It is true what they say about the basics.  I honestly believe if all of us just worked on the “basics” more, we would see why they are so powerful.  We really don’t utilize even HALF of the basics that have been provided to us here.  Let’s work on seeing that.



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