Food Files: Steak


Eye fillet of grass-fed beef.

Steak huh?  Cow is good, but wager for buffalo, elk, venison, or other wild-caught meats as well.  Are you sure this is a health food?  Well maybe so, maybe not.  Answering the following questions will let you know.


Are you getting quality grass-fed meat?  Are you eating it rare or slow-cooking it and not frying?  Are you making sure not to overeat?  Is your body really calling for it?  Do you feel like you can digest and assimilate it properly?  Are you not currently trying to detox heavily?


Then the answer is YES.  Have a little steak today.  We have been eating this stuff for thousands of years.  I personally don’t think we need all that much but let your body be your guide.  I had a juicy steak tonight that really hit the spot.





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