Why MEAT Gets a Bad Name


Why does meat get a bad name?  It is mucous forming.  It is too heavy.  It is “bad” to eat animals.  Our bodies weren’t designed to eat meat.  You will hear countless arguments why meat and other animal products are bad for us.  They tell us to focus on “grains” for the bulk of our diet.  Well this is just a terrible idea considering the type of “Grains” most people eat in America.  It would be a little bit better to eat the real thing; the rice, quinoa, oatmeal’s, etc.  But this instant crap?  No thanks.  So what are we to do?  Meat is bad, grains are bad, MAN.  I’m going to give you a little list why meat may not be as bad as you think.

ALL known historical cultures have included some forms of animal products.  Most ate meat in some form, but at least they ate eggs or dairy.  We have been eating it for thousands of years.  It has been a part of the reason we exist today.  So let’s get down to what the problem is.

Most MODERN meat is sick.  It is pumped full of hormones.  It is sick animals.  It is created by animals who were fed the same sick food that a lot of modern humans eat (namely soy, grains, GMO corn, etc).  So most of it doesn’t have the good quality nutrition that meat used to have.  This causes people to overeat a lot.  It is not so much the QUANTITY of animal products that we always need, but the QUALITY.  Secondly, BECAUSE our animal products are sick, we are supposed to pasteurize, overcook, fry, and high heat these things to make them “safe” for human consumption.  This again goes against thousands of years of traditional wisdom.  Take milk for example.  Was RAW for thousands of years.  Pasteurized for 100.  Lot’s of wise people are already beginning to switch back.  Eggs are factory farmed by sick chickens.  REAL free-range eggs fed grass and insects is a lot better.  Of course frying your eggs in vegetable oils to high heaven is going to destroy much of the nutrition.  Get some good quality eggs and either have them raw or lightly sauté them if you prefer it that way.  Many cultures eat “sashimi” salmon, tuna, and other fish raw.  When cooking, we have never favored high-heat processes.  We all instinctively know that slow-cooked food tastes better.  Things like crock-pots, slow barbecue, baked chicken, etc.  This is not all that unusual.  Slow cooking has been used for a long time with meat.  But most of us don’t want to wait for our food.  Traditionally, people have also eaten fermented foods like Sauerkraut with their meats to add friendly bacteria and help break down the food.

So again, if we are getting poor quality animal products and overcooking them; we will probably keep overeating and our bodies will not get what they really want.  Of course keep in mind that we live in a different environment than people in the past.  We are not as active.  We pretty much regulate our temperature in AC/HEATING.  So things are different.  One thing I have noticed in the past is that when I focus on QUALITY, the QUANTITY I want usually goes down drastically.  For instance, eating a little beef liver here and there satisfies my craving for red meat because it is so loaded with nutrition.  Likewise, from a nutritional standpoint; I am getting loads more quality from a few raw or runny yolked eggs from my local farmer than I would from a whole plate of fried, scrambled eggs from DENNY’s or IHOP.  Not that these don’t taste great =)

As a caveat, when dealing with a serious illness; one needs to be careful with energy reserves.  This means usually focusing on the foods that are the easiest to digest.  Fried, heavily cooked meats are not on that list =)  So what are good options here?  The following is a list of high-quality proteins/fats from animals that will give you the nutrition without slowing you down.  Always choose clean sources (especially for the liver).

-Sardines.  These are very lightly smoked, easy to digest, and contain amazing quantities of Omega-3’s, B12, and a slew of other beneficial properties.

-Beef liver (not overcooked).  This one takes some time getting used to.  This has been a sacred food for thousands of years.  Probably more B12/B vitamins in an ounce of this than a whole steak.  A little bit goes a long way.

-Farm Eggs.  Get the best quality you can find.  Egg yolk has very good fat that is useful for helping with hormonal issues, adrenal problems, etc.  Just don’t overcook.

CROCKPOT.  Slow-cooked chicken falling off of the bones is pretty amazing.  Throw a whole chicken in with some vegetables.  Or a beef/lamb roast.  Maybe some turkey.  The options here are limitless.  The goal is to create soft, easily digestible proteins.

-Salmon.  Omega-3’s, easy to digest, great tasting.  Wild caught are best.  Opt for sashimi, baked, or slow smoked.

-RAW butter.  Some people don’t do well with dairy, but butter is fine for most.  Like egg yolks, butter is a good fat that can help soothe nerves, heal hormones, adrenals and thyroid issues, etc.  Don’t COOK it.  Cook your vegetables and then spread a dollop on after they are done.  Other RAW dairy fits for some people.  You just need to see how it works for your own system.  Kefir is another good option.

-Fire-Smoked. This is tricky in the modern world but I am talking about the old-school method.  Roasting something slowly over an open flame.  I would love to learn more about this myself.  

So in the end, I personally don’t think meat and other animal products are the problem.  It is overeating poor quality products, overcooking them, and not focusing on the nutritious versions instead.  Focus on juicy, succulent varieties.  Others may argue this.  We all need to find our own path.  Hopefully this helps you find yours.



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