Food Files: Elephant Garlic


What the hell is elephant garlic?  Well it happens to be just as the name suggests; giant garlic.  This turns out to be another one of the Allium family vegetables.  This also includes regular garlic, onions, red onions, green onions, shallots, and more.  So what is elephant garlic exactly?  Well as far as I know, it is somewhat of a mix between onions or shallots and garlic.  The extreme medicinal potency of garlic is absent, but the food quality of an onion is also absent.  So you end up with some form of hybrid.  The result?  A great tasting mixture that seems to blend well with most foods.  You can add it in with other vegetables.  You can saute it.  You can mix it into meat you are cooking.  Whatever sounds good.  I wouldn’t eat it by itself.  Benefits?  Less medicinal than garlic but still probably has some sulfur-containing compounds like the rest of the Allium family.  ENJOY.



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