How To Beat Cravings

English: Snack food vending machine in Australia.



Everyone talks about cravings these days.  Man, I have a craving for some ice cream or some chicken wings.  Wow, I really want some candy right now.  Sugar sugar sugar, dairy dairy dairy, carbs carbs carbs.  Sound familiar?  So many people struggle with cravings.  There are several reasons why we crave certain foods and I’m going to list a few of them here as well as how to BEAT them.



1. NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES:  This is probably number one on the list for a reason.  Most American’s are severely deficient in all kinds of nutrients.  Our bodies are designed to function with nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  We can dump all the calories into the body that we want and still starve from malnourishment.  Evolution has provided us with a pretty simple answer for this.  If you are malnourished you should eat right?  Well a lot of people have not even been introduced to nutritionally dense food.  So the body doesn’t even have a database to crave so we crave junk.  By eating a wide variety of whole, organic foods, we can eliminate these deficiencies and a lot of cravings disappear on their own.



2. TRICKED:  Simply put; we get tricked.  There are some savvy marketers out there that know exactly how to make foods addicting.  If you think foods are not addicting; look again.  Going down the supermarket isles you will find primarily four or five ingredients in different combinations.  Gluten, GMO corn, Sugar, Pasteurized Dairy, Potatoes.  Potatoes are starchy so I get that one.  As for gluten, sugar, anything fried, and pasteurized dairy; they are ALL physically addicting to our bodies.  Then you have the chemicals people put in food.  The table salt, the MSG, who knows what else.  Addicting.  The best answer for this is honestly just staying away.  If you have a favorite food that contains these ingredients, switch it out for a healthier version.  You may find that you weren’t craving the FOOD but the chemicals or sugar that the food contained.



3. NOT LISTENING:  With all these dietary guru’s, dogmas, fad diets, and strict “plans” out there, a lot of us forget to listen to OUR BODY.  Personally, I usually do best with fruits, veggies, plant fats, eggs, and leaner proteins.  I don’t eat potatoes or red meat every day.  So?  Yesterday, i was wanting a steak so I ate a steak.  Some people are on “low-carb” and are literally afraid to eat a piece of fruit.  Others are “vegan” and think that eating an egg or a piece of meat every once in a blue moon will destroy them.  Come on guys.  Let’s give our bodies a little more credit here.  Assuming you are moderately healthy, your body will not crave a REAL FOOD unless it wants it.  Just don’t eat anything period unless your body is truly asking for it.  If you have been eating light or fasting for a long time, maybe it’s time for that soft sweet potato with a good chunk of raw butter or that fatty rib eye.  Our bodies have cycles.  They change in the seasons.



4. EMOTIONS:  This is a very complex area but many, many people eat for emotional reasons.  The scope of this is giant but could include; boredom, stress, avoidance, mental programming, distractions, stuffing things, trying to “numb out,” etc.  Ultimately it comes down to just being honest with ourselves.  All this stuff is programmed into us as children.  DON’T fall into that trap.  Fight it.  Deal with your emotions instead of running from them.  Don’t eat at 5 pm if you’re not hungry just because its dinner time.  Don’t eat to weigh you down so that you don’t have to deal with whatever stress is on your mind.  Feel the feelings, allow them to come up.  Remember, stuffing feelings doesn’t make them go away.  It just pushes them deeper inside of us to be dealt with later.  And what happens to other messes when you leave them for a long time?  They get bigger.  So don’t let this happen to you.  If you identify a pattern of emotional eating, figure out the reason or reasons you are doing this.



5. BUGS: This is not the most fun topic, but something most American’s need to realize.  Most people have parasites and bacterial infections lurking in their bodies.  Especially adults.  People who have eaten junk, sugar, and processed food much of their life.  Remember, processed food has ZERO vitality or life energy.  You may refer back to a previous post “Ridding yourself of Bacteria and Parasites” for more information on this topic.  Basically, after these things take over, they kind of run the show. They cause you to crave food they want; namely things that are not so good for us.  Things like sugar, pasteurized dairy, fried foods, gluten, etc.  Basically things that make you weaker make it easier for them to live in your body.  So again, cutting out the junk, focusing on whole foods, and adding in specific antifungal/anti-parasitic herbs and foods will help in the long run.  Things like raw garlic, oregano, coconut oil, fermented foods, fresh cinnamon, etc.  If you have a serious problem you may need to resort to more intense remedies but this will help start the process.



SO these are some reasons why many of us suffer with cravings.  Personally, I have noticed that by tackling all of these problems I rarely crave junk any more.  Sure, sometimes I want that large serving of sweet potato/butter.  Sometimes I want a big meal.  But there is a big distinction with the junk.  The second I crave it, I ask myself why?  Looking to this list, you can usually figure out where it is coming from.  Don’t fall for it.  Conquer your cravings.  You will be much healthier and happier for it.







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