Benefits of Hot/COLD Showers



Short one today guys.  What is a hot/cold shower you say?  Well it is basically just as it sounds.  You take most of your shower fairly hot and steamy.  Then during the last minute or two you switch it to pretty damn cold.  WHAT?  Why would you ever want to do this?  I will admit that it takes some getting used to.  I would also advise caution if you have heart problems or adrenal issues.  So why do it at all?


Think of it as a “Jump-start” for your body.  Most all ill-health or sluggishness comes from some form of congestion in the body.  This could be congestion in your head (brain fog, Alzheimer’s, mental decline, etc), congestion in your bowels (constipation), congestion in your digestion (IBS, CHRONS, etc), you get the idea.  This can be applied to almost any “dis-ease.”  Somewhere in your body, stuff (especially blood and lymph) is not properly moving.  It is stuck.  So why do we exercise?  It PUMPS the body.  It moves things that are stagnant.  It circulates our blood and lymph.  So when you take a hot/cold shower all the blood rushes inside to protect your internal organs.  In the process, it BUSTS through a lot of blockages, gunk, faulty circulation, etc.  In essence, it could be likened to an ambulance clearing a busy street.  You have all this congestion and then the ambulance comes through and makes its own path.  Your body gets so surprised by the water that it does this very quickly.  So this is a very good tool to remove stagnation almost anywhere in your body.


Personally, I do the whole body.  The head is probably the most shocking.  Add in some scalp massage to really get things moving.  I attribute getting rid of a lot of brain fog and sharpening up my brain to these techniques.  But do it anywhere you are “stuck” at, whether that is your liver, brain, stomach, bowels, whatever.  Jumping into a cold pool after sitting in the hot sun or a steam sauna will also have this same effect.  Just be careful the first few times around as it really is a SHOCK to the system =)





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