Food Files: Protein Powder

English: A chocolate-flavored multi-protein nu...

This one is a little controversial for me.  On one hand, this is not truly a natural food.  On the other hand, it can seriously help some people with much-needed nutrition that they are not going to get any other way.  NON-DENATURED whey protein has several beneficial functions.  Don’t buy any of that junk protein from pasteurized/chemical laced/fake sugar crap.  The real stuff has glutathione precursors that help with detox.  It contains protein in an easily absorbable form.  Lactoferrin is also included.  Some of the better ones contain high amounts of B12 and other B vitamins.  The one I currently use is “PaleoMeal.”  This contains non-denatured whey, high b12/b vitamins, lactoferrin, glutamine, a little creatine, and small amount of enzymes to help if you happen to be lactose intolerant.  I don’t use this every day and certainly wouldn’t recommend it for your only protein source.  However, when you are in a time crunch, don’t feel like eating a big meal, or only have time for a quick protein hit after a workout I think this can be a good go to source.  Just don’t overdo it or make it your primary fuel.  Chocolate is always the best =)



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