Food Intolerance and Food Allergies: Part 1

Bread - Photo by Michel Marcon

What is the deal here?  Is all of a sudden America developing allergies and food intolerances?  A lot of countries in the world do not deal with these problems.  So what is going on here?  Why US?

Food intolerances and allergies are becoming extremely commonplace.  Gluten-free this, dairy free that, whatever.  I can’t eat eggs or peanuts, I can’t eat blah blah.  What’s the deal?  The MODERN “wisdom” will tell you that for some reason, your body just doesn’t like a certain food but that it is fine for other people.  I would like to challenge this statement.  Now keep in mind, some people have serious life-threatening TRUE allergic reactions to things.  This is a lot more complicated subject.  This is not what I’m talking about.  So what are the top things causing problems?  According to “,”

“Allergy to egg, milk, soy, wheat, peanut and tree nuts represents 90% of all food allergies in children.”
The same seems true for most adults.  These are the top “allergens” in the world.  Let’s take a closer look at these foods.
WHEAT:  Gluten.  Ok, I know everybody loves their bread and all.  It tastes good, I really do understand.  This is not the “bread” they ate in biblical times or that they prepare fresh in other countries.  This is MODIFIED, quick-baked bread with dozens of chemicals.  The gluten content is rumored to be maybe 10 times that of traditional bread.  It is also used as a “thickener” in sauces, etc.  Add that to the fact that we eat it almost every single day, usually multiple times in some form or another.  The point is that this is NOT a real food.  We took a real food and made it into something that our bodies don’t like or recognize.  This may have worked for a few decades before we started noticing, but almost everyone has health benefits by cutting gluten out of the diet.
DAIRY:  Again, this dairy must be recognized as “PASTEURIZED DAIRY.”  People have been consuming RAW dairy for thousands of years so I have no beef with that.  As long as raw dairy sits well with your own body, consuming it in moderation as long as you have no health issues is probably fine.  Things like raw butter, kefir, cream, etc.  However, pasteurizing milk by heating it to temperatures above boiling to preserve shelf-stability, and whatever else makes it a dead food.  The enzymes are gone.  The good bacteria is gone.  So what do you end up with?  Again, a food that humans have been consuming for around 100 years.  We are just now seeing the repercussions.  So of course, things like pasteurized cheeses, milk, etc are going to be issues for people.
SOY:  This usually means unfermented, GMO soy.  I don’t know too much about soy and try to stay away from it as much as possible.  I do know that it is AGAIN, not a natural food.  But what about oriental people you say?  They traditionally ferment and prepare this food that helps digest it properly.
EGGS:  I like eggs.  I eat eggs.  Eggs have been eaten for thousands of years.  So what is the problem?  Well, the problem is that you eat whatever the animal ate.  HUH?  The chicken that sits in a crappy feed lot eating GMO corn, soy, gluten, and whatever else they choose to feed it lays those same eggs you buy in the supermarket.  Maybe they get pumped full of steroids or hormones too.  This one is harder to see.  But once again, you are eating something that the body doesn’t recognize.  These chickens are not supposed to eat this garbage.  Also, frying your eggs in pasteurized butter or even worse, some high-heat vegetable oil is also going to distort it.  This problem can usually be resolved by getting your eggs fresh from a local farmer who actually feeds his chickens free-range things like insects and worms.  This is their “natural” diet.
NUTS:  Once again, not a terrible thing to eat.  But here is the thing.  All things in nature have protection mechanisms.  We have our brains and technology.  Lions have sharp teeth.  Certain plants have spines or are poisonous.  If nuts were just these big fatty seeds sitting around; they really wouldn’t survive well.  Actually this goes for almost all nuts, seeds, and grains.  They have things called “enzyme-inhibitors.”  These things basically make them irritating on your system and discourage digestion.  As humans, we have geniusly recognized their good food qualities for generations.  So what do we do?  Traditional people’s got the raw nuts.  Then they soak them in water or an acidic medium for maybe 24 hours.  After that, they can be dried and eaten.  Peanuts are in a category of their own as they cause more problems seemingly than the other nuts.  Roasting nuts gets rid of some of the bad stuff, but not much.  It also kills the food making it less good for your body.  Always chew nuts well.
So there you have it.  If there is one common factor here; ALL of these foods are not in their normal state.  They are not how people have been consuming them for thousands of years.  In short, we have not evolved with these foods.  100 years (50 for gluten) is not long enough.  Personally, I believe that most “food intolerances” are to foods that we are just not supposed to be eating.  I will note that there are a few other causes of food intolerances.

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