Detox Series: INTRO


Detoxing.  What is it?  What is all the big fuss about?  Well first I would like to say that detoxing would not really be much of an issue period if we lived healthy lives in clean environments and kept tract of our mental/spiritual lives.  That said, we live in a pretty damn toxic society, eat crappy food, are taught to repress our emotions, and do countless other things that end us with toxic loads piling up in our bodies.  “Ill-ness” truly is usually a stagnation.  A toxicity crisis.  A blockage.  Faulty circulation.  Whatever you want to call it.  It just manifests in different people differently.  So what are we to do about this?

This series is going to take you through some simple steps you can take to help detoxify your body.  We are going to go over some mild solutions as well as some more dramatic answers to problems.  Each day I will go through a different part of our detoxification system.  The 5 parts that i generally consider part of our “exhaust” system are: LUNGS, SKIN, BOWELS, LIVER, KIDNEYS.

People will argue all day over which are the most important.  I would honestly put bowels and liver at the top of the list.  I would also put kidneys up there.  Skin and lungs are always going to be muddied up when the others are.  A lot of people seem to want to go on “detox diets” and “cleanses” and things like this.  Of course, there is a place for them when we are trying to clean out our system.  But remember that it is the LIFESTYLE that matters.  It doesn’t do us much good to eat really clean for a week and take some herbs if we just jump back into it a week later.  So sit back and enjoy the ride.



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