Detox Series: Liver and Gall Bladder

English: Liver veins (hepatic veins, portal vein)

Liver liver chicken dinner?  The liver is one of the most congested organs in America.  It is clogged, it has bugs, it has demons.  What is going on here?  Why do our livers get clogged up so badly and how can we “unclog” them?  First I will go over a few reasons for our problem and then go over some simple (and not so simple) solutions to these issues.

YOUR LIVER:  Your liver/GB helps digest fat, produces vitamins, cleans your blood, synthesizes proteins and fatty acids and more.  In chinese medicine the liver/GB is related to the emotion of ANGER and GALL.

PROBLEMS:  The biggest causes here are food, overeating, inactivity, poor emotional health, and toxins from our environment.

FOOD:  The worst offenders for team food appear to be “mucous forming,” unnatural, dead foods.  These could include pasteurized dairy products (especially cheese), packaged quick grains (GLUTEN), and anything fried.  This would also include super-high heated meats and eggs.  Our proteins don’t like to be overcooked.  FAT is not the enemy here.  It is the KIND of fat.  Healthy fats like avocados, raw or lightly cooked eggs, olive/coconut oils cold pressed, olives, cod-liver oil, raw soaked nuts/seeds, lightly cooked animal fat, raw butter, etc are all healthy options.  It’s when we start using high-heated fats that things start taking a turn for the worse.  Cleansing the liver will be hard and somewhat pointless if we do not cut out or drastically reduce the offending foods.  Overeating in general (even healthy food) and inactivity also yield a sluggish liver.  Also, anything packaged likely contains preservatives and other chemicals your liver has to try to process.

POOR EMOTIONAL HEALTH:  Your liver flows when your anger flows.  A person who holds inside all their feelings of anger, frustration, resentment, GALL, and aggression is likely to experience stagnation in their liver.

TOXINS:  ARE everywhere.  Food, water, sunscreen, hand lotions, whatever.  Over the counter and medical drugs are some of the worst offenders  I keep hearing that the average child is now born with over 200 toxic chemicals already floating around in their bloodstream.  This is just ridiculous.

WOW.  So there are a lot of problems here.  We need to cut out the above issues if we have any hope of cleaning out our livers.  Animals in the wild don’t need to “cleanse.”  They just live naturally.  So I’m going to run through a few options that can help “get things unstuck.”  These range from easy to not so easy.  As always, consult with a doctor before attempting any of this.

EASY:  Get a juicer.  Amazing way to load up on veggies and fruit.  Good options for liver cleansing are beets, lemons, celery, carrots, apples, ginger, beet greens, dandelion green, etc.  A juicer honestly will make all this a lot easier for you.  You can always try to eat all these but you simply won’t get in as much as if you juiced them.  Just don’t go overboard with it as our bodies like some fiber.  This will help get things moving if you don’t have much of a problem.  Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is the basis here.  Eat a wide variety in your diet.  Our livers need certain nutrients to function.  If they do not have those nutrients, certain chemical reactions DO NOT HAPPEN.

MILD:  HERBS.  This is God’s medicine.  Choices are anything that breaks up sludge and stagnation or enhances bile flow.  Ginger, parsley, lemons, milk thistle, dandelion greens/roots, peppermint oil, etc.  Do some research into this one.  “Stone-breaker herb” is a great one that helps break down both gallstones and kidney stones over time.

MODERATE:  Deal with your emotions.  Learn eft, write in a journal, stand up for yourself, speak your mind, ALLOW yourself to become angry.  Work out any problematic relationships.  Often the cure is just letting someone know how much they bugged you here and there or whatever.  It seems that it is the little things that we let build up into big resentments or frustrations.  COMMUNICATE.  Of course you want to find out WHY you are angry but don’t deny yourself your anger.  This leads to congestion.  If you skip this step, it is likely that you will always keep becoming congested except on the most pure of diet.  We need to deal with this part.  Physical exercise targeted with emotions can also be a good outlet.  Just don’t let it build.

SEMI-SERIOUS:  Coffee enemas.  People have used these for quite a while when treating cancers and other serious health challenges.  They help clean the liver and gallbladder, stimulate bile flow, and detoxify your system.  They also can help eliminate constipation; another cause of a congested liver.  If your bowels and digestion are not working effectively, you can bet that your liver is having problems as well.  There are many websites you can learn more about this technique.

SERIOUS:  In case of serious issues, a “liver flush” may be considered.  These flushes have saved thousands of people’s gall bladders from surgery.  In this country, I believe half a million gall bladders are removed every year.  This is ridiculous in my opinion.  These people usually have nothing wrong with their gall bladders.  They are just congested from years of crappy living habits.  Our bodies just weren’t designed to eat fried pizza, guzzle beer, and filter hundreds of chemicals daily.  It’s just a filter system that gets clogged.  Except we can’t just “buy a new one.”  Liver flushing uses a mixture of olive oil and citrus (lemon/grapefruit) juice, epsom salts, and fasting to FLUSH the gunk out of your liver/GB.  This is an intense process and should be discussed with a health provider before being attempted.  This is probably the most drastic of the “cleansing” options.

So there you have it.  Tips for a healthy liver.  Always keep in mind prevention is the best way to not build up gunk in the first place.  Also, work on digestion and elimination.  If you are not absorbing your food well, odds are that your liver is working overtime.  So let’s work on cleaning up those livers.  Any questions, let me know.




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