Detox Series: SKIN and LYMPH

The lymphatic system, lymph vessels and lymph ...

Skin.  Remember that big organ called the skin?  It is very important as well.

The skin is a big representation of what is going on inside your body.  If you are clogged up inside, odds are that your skin will be clogged as well.  You may feel congested, foggy, and just not quite right.  As previously, I will go over a few reasons why this system gets clogged up and then some easy ways to start getting things moving again.

CAUSES: Anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body.  This means LOTIONS, SUNSCREENS, body wash, deodorants, etc.  Most of us use chemical laced products on our skin daily.  This all absorbs into our systems and then eventually either is filtered out or makes us sick.  People also should understand that the things that we eat also affect our skin. Problem foods include processed, toxic food, and gluten and pasteurized dairy.  Also, overflow from your internal organ systems will contribute to clogging of this system.  Liver, bowel, and kidney toxicity are big players here.

This is not nearly as complicated as some of the other systems.  Basically, to detoxify and clean up this organ; you can do anything that gets things moving.  Sweating is a big key here.

SIMPLE: SWITCH: Switch over to natural skin products.  Natural deodorants.  Body-washes and hair care products.  Get a shower-filter.  There is just no reason any more to be putting these things into our bodies when cheap, healthy alternatives exist.

SIMPLE: DRY SKIN BRUSHING:  This technique uses a stiff, dry brush.  Basically, you use it before you shower.  It will scrape and slough off any dead skin or other gunk material that is blocking up your pores.  It also stimulates your lymphatic system.  This is super simple and cheap.  Probably costs 10 bucks for a brush that lasts you years and takes an extra 3 minutes before you take a shower.

SIMPLE: HOT/COLD SHOWER:  While not the most fun, hot/cold showers are an excellent way to get things moving.  Especially after skin brushing.

SIMPLE: STEAM SHOWER/BATH:  A hot shower or bath that makes you sweat will always help.  This is a technique you can use when you don’t feel quite yourself.  

SIMPLE: EXERCISE: Exercising that causes sweat will usually be a big help.  This may not be the best idea if you have trouble sweating though.  Your lymphatic system also does not contain a pump as your heart does.  So we need to MOVE it manually.  Hiking, walking, jogging, biking, etc are all good.  Rebounding on a mini trampoline has been shown to dramatically exercise the lymphatic system.  Excellent form of exercise.

ADVANCED: SAUNA:  Sauna can be occasionally used or used therapeutically.  As part of a treatment plan, the use of a sauna can help massively reduce amounts of toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals in your body.  You just sweat them out =)  Remember that you also sweat out good minerals as well when you sweat so it is important to replace them.  Steam lodges and sweat houses have been traditional part of many healing cultures.  You just need to be careful with this one.  Start out slow and build up.  It is obviously better to go 3 times a week for 20 minutes than once a week for an hour.  Build a tolerance.

So working with the skin is somewhat easy and straight-forward.  The main thing to remember is that the skin is more of a secondary detox organ.  It loads up when the inside is loaded up.  So while I think it is very good to keep the skin pathways open; focusing primarily on the “inner organs” should be the goal here.  As always, lifestyle modification appears to be the most effective choice here.



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