Detox Series: Kidneys

Kidney Security


Kidneys are filters.  They help filter and purify the body.  They are fairly delicate organs as well.  Let’s look at some primary causes why our kidneys get stuck.

CAUSES: The biggest things here would appear to be mucous forming foods.  Overly Acidic Foods.  This list would include heavily overcooked meats and eggs, fried foods, pasteurized dairy products, gluten, roasted nuts, etc.  Basically the things that our bodies really don’t have any interest in digesting in the first place.  FEAR is another cause.  In chinese medicine, the kidneys relate to the emotion of fear.  Fear dominates our society.  Financial fears, fears of losing our relationships, fears of not measuring up, fears of people finding out our secrets, fears of our lives, fear of failure.  All these fears unexpressed cause the kidneys to hold on to energy that should be flowing freely.  As usual; lack of sleep, failure to exercise and pump the body, deal with stress, etc are all going to negatively affect the kidneys.  And WATER?  Our entire bodies need water.  Not pop or milk or pasteurized fruit juices, but WATER.  Our kidneys flush our bodies with water that comes out our urinary system.  Without adequate water, there is nothing to dilute with. 

Ok.  Now that we have finished with the causes let’s look at some simple solutions here.

SIMPLE:  Fix the lifestyle.  KIDNEY improving lifestyle choices would include cutting out heavily cooked meats, fried foods, pasteurized dairy, gluten, etc.  Anything that contains a lot of hard to digest, sludgy type foods. Drink WATER.  Don’t drown yourself obviously, but drink enough water throughout the day to hydrate yourself.  Some experts recommend around half your bodyweight in ounces per day.  Go to bed on time.  Sleep enough.  Exercise enough.  PUMP the body.

MODERATE #1: JUICING AND HERBS.  I know I keep saying it, but herbs are God’s medicine.  They are not “drugs” created by scientists in lab coats.  There are several herbal formulae that can be used to help get the kidneys moving.  Most of these work on getting rid of excess grease, stagnant proteins, etc.  I would recommend something by Dr. Schulze or Andreas Moritz.  A few noteworthy herbs are PARSLEY, CILANTRO, GINGER, LEMON, etc.  Juicing vegetables and fruits also will help flush these organs out.  “Chanca Piedra,” which translates to “stone-breaker” herb has been used effectively by many people with kidney stones.  This herb helps break down kidney AND liver/GB stones and is a SUPER herb in my opinion.  Kidney cleansing is one of the simpler types of cleanses to do.

DIFFICULT: FEAR:  This is an important step here.  You must work on your mental patterns dealing with fear.  If you are constantly living in fear (especially without expressing that fear) your kidneys will be damaged or stuck for sure.  This could include living in an abusive relationship, worrying excessively about your kids or finances, fear of what other people will think about you, fear of losing your job,etc.  We need to release the fear.  Shaking is a good way to do this.  Also, choosing priorities is an excellent way to diminish fear.  There is ALWAYS a CAUSE to the fear.  It doesn’t have to be a good one.  We are all set up in this society to strive for “perfection.”  We never are good enough, etc.  This drives a very fear-based attitude that makes us afraid when we might not measure up.  Get out of the abusive relationship.  As far as job and finances go; choose to learn more about self-sustainability and skill relating to it.  When you know how to garden, hunt, fish, and survive off the land better; a lot of the fear about losing your job and financial stability will go away.  Just get to the bottom of WHY you are afraid and really be honest with yourself.  Having a spiritual practice that looks deeply inward is probably the best way to figure out why we are afraid of things and who we are.  Being HONEST and HUMBLE seem to be the most important things here.  We need to ADMIT our fears before we can clear them out.

So there is a simple list for the kidneys.  I hope it was helpful.  The kidneys seem to be a fairly simple organ to cleanse from a physical standpoint.  Lot’s of water, cut the crap food, use some herbs here and there.  The body will try to cleanse itself when we stop getting in the way.




2 thoughts on “Detox Series: Kidneys

  1. This may seem like another one of your awesome posts, which it is. However, this dropped a bomb on me with the parts about fear. I live on constant fear. When I say live, I mean I swim in it constantly. I made a connection between fear and my stress levels and I’ve made attempts at releasing it, but surprisingly unsuccessful attempts thus far. I’ve never really thought of the other affects that fear could have on me. The stress parts alone were enough to make me reach for change. I really have some soul searching to do. Thank you again for yet another great post.

    • Yea Fear is a tough one. Most of our emotions stem from it in one form or another. Like anything else with health, it appears to be looking at the root causes that are the most helpful. We need to be honest, admit what we are truly afraid of (which usually means swallowing our pride and ego), and learn from it. I’m glad you find my posts so helpful =)

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