Detox Series: LUNGS

Lung (PSF)



Lungs.  Breathing.  This is what connects us to everything around us.  It is the #1 source of energy and sustenance for our bodies.  Greater than food and even water.  Yet few of us give it the importance it deserves.  Let’s look at some of the reasons our lungs get gunked up.


CAUSES:  As usual, mucous forming foods do not help.  Gluten, pasteurized dairy, processed foods, etc.  These appear to affect digestion and elimination organs the most though.  As per the lungs, they are our AIR filters.  What we breathe in gets filtered by our lungs.  This includes smog on a busy street, non-natural colognes, after shaves, lotions, and sprays.  It means smoking cigarettes.  Anything of that nature.  The amount of “stuff” our lungs is required to filter is increasing every day especially in big cities.  Living inside, not opening our windows, and getting insufficient exercise are all huge here as well.  In chinese medicine the lungs are related to grief and sadness.  In Recall Healing, they are related usually to a death-fright conflict.  Let’s look at some ways to help these organs get back to prime condition.


SIMPLE:  Fix the lifestyle.  Cut out the bad foods.  OPEN the windows to let air circulate in your living environment.  Exercise outdoors as often as possible.  Take walks.  I personally feel that at least half of the benefit of exercising is simply oxygenating our bodies.  If you live in a congested city, use a good quality air filter.  Quit smoking.  Switch to all natural perfumes, colognes, soaps, cleaning products, etc.  A good rule I have come to follow is; IF you can smell it, it is being filtered by your lungs.  This includes Clorox bleach, hair sprays, whatever.  All of this is important for our lung health.


MODERATE #1: DEEP Breathing.  Learn to really improve the quality of your breathing.  Slow it down.  Breathe from the abdomen.  Try to make this your normal state of being.  It takes time but is probably one of the best things you can do for your health.


MODERATE #2: Steam showers/wet sauna or Bowl.  Steam can really help get your sinus’ cleared out.  Something about the hot humid air seems to be the trick here.  A particularly effective tip can be taking a drop or two of essential oils such as lemon, peppermint, rosemary, etc and putting them into a bowl of freshly boiled water.  Carefully lower your head above the bowl and place a towel around it so that the steam doesn’t escape.  Slowly take a breath or two of the steam.  This seems to work every time.  I plan on putting together a lung-detox program in the future and somehow this will be involved.


DIFFICULT: GRIEF/DEATH FRIGHT:  Again, it appears that the emotional pieces are often some of the most important yet hard pieces to deal with.  Going back through your life and acknowledging any grief or sadness you have felt.  This could include issues from childhood, relationships gone sour, deaths we never fully grieved, or maybe just sad things in our lives that we never really wanted to acknowledge.  Most people are carrying a lot of pain around inside and we are afraid to let go of that pain.  Journaling, looking at old pictures, and crying are key pieces here.  Also, if you have experienced a “death-fright” any time in your life you may want to look at this as well.  This includes abuse, car accidents, near-death experiences, past health challenges, military conflicts, shootouts, etc.  Whenever our lives are threatened we conflict in our lungs but we are supposed to RELEASE it later!  This is something that requires a lot of work.  Admitting how we feel is the first step to releasing past energies.


So these are some basic steps to help get the lungs up and running at full tilt.  As usual, addressing dietary and lifestyle issues as well as emotional root causes are most important.  Utilizing “cures” are important as well at helping the body adjust.  Anything that removes stagnation or blocked up energies/cells in the body is going to help.  The body is always trying to heal itself, we just need to give it what it needs and sometimes help it along a bit =)





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