Detox Series: Heavy Metals

Pipes and fittings made of stainless steel.


Heavy Metals.  This is a very complex topic.  I will not pretend to be an expert here.  I will give a basic overview and some tips on working within this vast field.  I would recommend working with a natural practitioner that knows a lot about heavy metal detoxification.

CAUSES:  There are heavy metals everywhere now.  We cook in teflon/aluminum cookware.  We have deodorant that has metals in it.  We eat fish that are NOW polluted with it.  We have metal fillings in our mouths.  We breathe it in.  There is massively more of this stuff in our environments than there used to be.  It is pretty hard to completely avoid it.  Let’s look at some ways to stop this.

SIMPLE: AVOIDANCE.  Switch to stainless steel cookware or steam/bake your food.  Frying in a pan is usually not a good idea anyway.  Make sure none of your care products contain these things.  This would include lotions, deodorants, shampoos, etc.  Anything you put on your skin gets in your body.  Don’t eat fish high in mercury.  Source clean food products.  Avoid smog.  Don’t get metal fillings.

MILD:  Good diet, good fats, and clean living will help your body to remove these things.  Sometimes it seems that deficiencies in GOOD minerals will end up getting these metals stuck.

MODERATE #1:  Find a biological dentist and safely remove any fillings you may have.  Work with a professional here.

MODERATE #2:  Use specific herbs that are well-known for chelating out heavy metals.  These include garlic, cilantro, chlorella, coconut oil, etc.  Personally, I do a blended smoothie/shake a few times a week that contains cilantro, garlic, tomatoes, maybe cucumber, and a few chlorella tablets.  It is a slow and gentle process.  This should eventually chelate most metals without being too rough on the system.

MODERATE #3: SWEAT.  Sweating in steam rooms or saunas will definitely get things moving.  It is well-known that this type of therapy will remove metals from the body.  Just make sure to replace minerals.  Kelp is a good option.

ADVANCED #1: EMOTIONS.  Emotions will lock up heavy metals in certain places.  This is especially true with conflict-related emotions based on fear, anger, or grief.  Releasing these emotions will help the heavy-metals to release.  This takes quite a while to work with.  In the end, humility and allowance of vulnerability is the best tool to release these old “baggage items.”

I will admit that past here I have not messed much with these things but there are other options for chelation that are more aggressive.  

DMPS/EDTA/DMSA are all things that professionals use to help chelate these things.  Sometimes people even go as far as using injections.  Personally, I prefer the slow and steady route as not to push the body too fast.  Your body is always trying to detoxify and heal.  Hair analysis can sometimes be helpful in determining the level of these substances in your body.

So these are some options to work with.  Heavy metals are a complicated issue that we are finding out more and more each day in our modern world.  We are being forced to look at the implications of the pollution that has invaded our lands.




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