Detox Series: Conclusion




Ok guys.  We have gone through the basic categories of detoxification.  I wanted to wrap up with some “common denominators,” if you will that I believe all of these systems have in common.

1: LIFESTYLE: Lifestyle is going to be the biggest factor in your ongoing attempts to unblock and detoxify your body.  Clean, easily digestible food.  Clean water.  Fresh air.  Clean water.  Exercise.  See a chiropractor to make sure your nervous system is in balance.  Don’t put chemicals in your body.  Not into your mouth.  Not on your skin.  Not breathing them in.  Avoidance is truly the best policy here.

2: JUICING and HERBS: These things will really get things moving.  Particularly the herbs.  Most systems have traditionally used help from herbs to decongest and start moving again.  Different systems seem to benefit from different herbs and there are many amazing herbal formulas pre-concocted for purchase.  You can always make your own as well.  Making your own is cheaper but often more time-consuming.

3: EMOTIONS: Repressed emotions and stress will ALWAYS block up energy in the body in some form.  Different organs seem to store different emotions.  Liver is anger.  Kidneys are fear.  Lungs and heart are grief/sadness/death frights.  Digestion is “digesting traumas or issues in life.”  Elimination would be letting go of past hurts.  This is not a blog on spirituality per-se. I personally believe that this is God’s system to keep us open.  When we harbor past emotional pain we cannot truly be open to our future.  Sometimes we get “stuck” in life; physically or emotionally, until we can move beyond the pain and clear it out.

Those are probably the big 3.  Of course there are more advanced techniques such as enemas, colonics, intense supplements, liver flushes, etc.  However, I believe that unless the BIG 3 are being addressed; such techniques will be short-lived with problems returning over time.  They can however, be great at short-term relief and to “get the ball rolling.”  Hope you enjoyed the series.  Questions are welcome.



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