Building a Health Reserve Stockpile

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It feels good to have a little money to spare in your bank account right?  A little cushion to fall back on?  The same is true with your health.  In health we have probably hundreds of these little “bank accounts.”  These include stores of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants, and to a lesser extent; fats, carbs, and proteins.  Most American’s are extremely deficient in many of these.  This is why we overeat so much.  So our stocks are running on empty.  Not only are they running on empty, they are in the negatives usually.  We couple this lack of nutrition with a stressful lifestyle that requires MORE of our resources to accomplish.  What we end up with is lots of negative bank accounts.

Luckily, the opposite also rings true.  Many vitamins and minerals CAN be stockpiled.  This is really good news.  Our bodies are amazing at storing large quantities of things that we need.  This is where a lot of people use nutritional supplements.  Personally, I believe that if one is going to use supplements that they should be natural, whole-foods based instead of synthetic.  I believe eating a varied, whole-foods diet is the best way to get these stores increasing.  Super-foods are even better for this purpose.

So what happens after a while?  You need a hell of a lot less food for one.  You realize that your body runs quite well with dramatically less.  You have STOCKED your body.  You are beginning to run more off of your stores and your nutrition and less off of crappy calories.  Things like fresh air, clean water, sunlight and grounding begin to feel like a lot better sources of energy.  Here are some common deficiencies and how to start building stock in your body.

MAGNESIUM: Spinach, swiss chard, and other green vegetables

B-VITAMINS/B12: Liver is the best source.  Sardines are also excellent.  Eggs and red meat.

VITAMIN D: Sunlight is best choice here.  Sardines, cod liver oil, raw butter all contain some of this.

IODINE: Kelp is my favorite here.  Other seaweeds, seafood, egg yolks are all decent sources.

OMEGA-3: Cod liver oil and sardines are excellent choices.  Grass-fed meats are good.  For vegetarians you may include walnuts, flax-oil, etc.

VITAMIN A: Carrots, sweet potatoes.  

PROBIOTICS: Fermented foods, sauerkraut, kefir, etc.

These are just some of the more common ones.  However, I personally believe that there are hundreds if not thousands of micro-nutrients we are just beginning to become aware of currently.  This includes all your “minor-vitamins, minor-minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, etc.”  The best way to fill your reserves of these little power-players is to eat a well-varied whole-foods based diet.  A large variety of fruits and vegetables.  JUICING is an amazing way to “inject” yourself with loads of nutrition.  Throw in whatever you like.  Herbs are great too.  Broths.  Good quality fats.  Remember variety is the spice of life.  

So how does it feel?

It takes quite a while to build up our reserves after living on an American Diet for a long time.  The body has a ton of housekeeping, cleanup, renovation, and just basic functioning to do.  Your body will always favor higher quality materials over lower-quality materials.  Keep pumping in the good nutrition and let your body do it’s job.  In the odd case that you are stranded without good food, or cheat on vacation too much; you don’t need to worry so much.  You have FULL stockpiles.  So let’s focus on the good stuff.  I think a lot of us living in America are very frustrated by the state that our country is in currently.  I believe that we cannot have a healthy economy or a healthy country without a health populace.  A vital population full of nutrition helps create a booming country.  So let’s STOCK up.




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