Belief System and Healing

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This is a big one.  We often don’t take into account our beliefs when it comes to health and well-being.  A lot of people struggle for years because they are brought up in a system that talks about “dis-eases.”  It is completely dis-empowering.  We are taught to feed into the hand of the medical system and that us LOWLY people could never understand how to keep ourselves healthy.  The answer?  Buy into a system outside of ourselves.  Believe the man with the degree on the wall.  I just heard that 1 in 2 people in Oklahoma now get cancer at one point in their lives.  HALF.  Other states are not far behind.  Our system is failing.  Anyway, enough ranting.


The point here is that our belief system is HUGE when it comes to our health.  If we believe something based on bad programming, our bodies will make it true.  You always live your beliefs as best as you can.  I have been learning a lot about German new medicine and Recall Healing lately.  They are making amazing discoveries.  


1. MOST ALL serious illness has an emotional conflict-component.  This could be a birth trauma, a divorce, a mental pattern, issues with siblings/parents, deaths, whatever.  These need to be acknowledged and expressed for true healing to occur.


2. DIAGNOSIS SHOCK is the most important thing to clear.  When we believe someone in a lab coat that tells us we are going to die within 6 months and we BELIEVE in their authority; our body truly believes it is dying in 6 months.  These root-based healing systems have found that this should usually be cleared first and foremost.


So where does our belief system come from?  Well, unfortunately in our modern world it comes from savvy marketers, and people without keeping our best interests necessarily in mind.  We are selling Coca Cola, Monster energy drinks, fast food, reliance, etc.  We are selling drugs and doctors visits and surgeries.  How many advertisements do you think you see every day? We are controlled by our UNCONSCIOUS; not by what we think about most of the time.  So ok, how do we go about fixing this?


I will not say this is an easy thing to work on.  Definitely worth it though.  We need to somehow “deprogram” and “re-educate” ourselves.  This means learning about what health REALLY means.  Clean food, environment, exercise, sleep, spirituality, good emotions, being honest with ourselves, cleansing, etc.  If you are worried about a diagnosis; read success stories of people who have cured themselves.  You can’t find one thing out there that people haven’t overcome.  You need to BELIEVE your situation can be fixed.  You are just fighting a wall if you don’t.  After you “re-educate” yourself, you need to do something to really show your unconscious that it is true.  Journaling is excellent here.  Pray about it, meditate about it.  Just show at an EMOTIONAL level that you really can overcome your problem.  Spirituality is a powerful too in healing.  I would say it is the MOST powerful tool.  A good book on the topic of belief is “Biology of Belief,” by Bruce Lipton.  Sometimes just changing the way we believe is powerful enough to fix a health-challenge.  Roll with the good =)



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