Humility and Health

One Fear illustration from Book of Fears


We live in a pretty egotistical country.  Most of it is programmed into us.  It is all fear based.  Nonetheless, it affects us.  We are AFRAID to look at what is really going on in our lives.  Maybe if we looked we would be viewed as weak or God forbid; out of control.  So what is the correct response?  Sweep it under the rug.  Ignore it.  Run from it.  Lie to ourselves and others.  Maybe this way we won’t be forced to face the truth.  So what are the effects of all of this?  Bad health, bad relationships, being out of touch with who we are at a deep level, an inability to see the truth, among many other things.  

In my opinion, this is one of the biggest obstacles between people and their goals of living healthy, happy lives.  We simply cannot fix a problem that we refuse to look at.  And we can’t look at it if we are afraid to be humble humans.  It’s almost as if we have forgotten what it really means to be HUMAN.  We are NOT robots.  We are NOT perfect.  We have frailties.  We make mistakes.  We have faults.  We are all flawed.  Speak those words to yourself and see how they sit.  They are not comfortable to say at first.  When you can truly acknowledge these things, believe them, and know in your heart that they are true; your world will begin to open up to you.  Suppressed emotions will come up to be dealt with.  It is fear that keeps them trapped in our systems.  Obviously, these require a lot of work but this is the first step.  You may realize you cannot keep eating the junk you eat if you want to live a long, meaningful life.  Maybe your relationships will change.  Our relationships often run into trouble because of our inability to compromise, communicate, be honest, etc.  In essence; WE don’t admit when we are wrong, what is troubling us, what are true passions and fears are.  You will be able to see things from a perspective of truth rather than a perspective of the ego.  This allows rapid change on all levels.  Rapid change on the spiritual level.  Rapid change on the mental/emotional levels.  Rapid change on the physical level.

So humility and accepting our humanity is extremely important for health and healing.  You will often find that we often waste an insane amount of energy just trying to keep the ego happy.  We work too hard.  We buy fancy things we don’t often need.  We harbor judgements against other people.  Remember, if you accept your OWN humanity; you accept everyone else’s as well.  This automatically makes it easier to forgive and move on.  

This is not something that happens over night.  It is something to strive towards.  It is something to work on.  But at each level that you allow yourself room to be a flawed human (ALL of us), the more you will tend to see improvements in your life.  Growing up, a lot of us are raised to believe that being flawed or wrong or non-perfect is the best way.  To be human, to admit our mistakes, to live our TRUTH is to be weak.  In truth, the exact opposite is true.  Of course it is good to strive for excellence in your life.  Excellence, not perfection.  To be truly strong is to ADMIT your weaknesses.  First to yourself and then to others.  We spend so much effort and energy just trying to project an image that we have it ALL together.  Let’s take down that projection.  Let’s instead choose to have the courage to project an image of a strong person that has fears, weaknesses, and everything else.  In essence; let’s start being HUMBLE HUMANS.




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