Benefits of HERBS

Herbs from the garden



When I say herbs, maybe some people conjure up images of some medicine man or woman sitting around a hut messing with plants, flowers, and tinctures.  What is the deal with herbs?  We know that humankind has made use of herbs more or less from the beginning.  All cultures have dealt with them in some form or another.  They are plants that have more chemical, spiritual, or vibrational properties rather than culinary properties.  They are not really a “food.”  Most people in my area limit herbs to old, dried herbs used as seasonings.  These are relatively powerless.  Dried garlic aged on a shelf or in a bottle just does not have the potency of the real thing fresh.  The same is true of other herbs.  Getting fresh, good quality herbs is a good choice.  These things don’t really “Go bad,” but they do lose their potency.  Now, I am not an “herbalist.”  I have not studied on creating different mixtures of herbs.  But i DO know that they are natural substances that have assisted humans for millennia in restoring or improving their health.  They are generally very powerful yet safe enough to use for extended periods of time depending on the herb.  So what are some of the benefits?  I believe there are many “classes” of herbs.


ANTI-BUG: Anti-bug herbs would include anything that helps discourage or kill microbial infections of all types from your body.  These would include parasite, bacterial, and virus’s.  


DIGESTIVE: Digestive herbs help stimulate and clean out the digestive system.  They can help improve digestion, as well as stimulating the appetite and clearing stagnation from the system.


DETOX:  They may help with your liver/GB, kidneys, lymph, lungs, and eliminative functioning.  


Basically, most of the properties that are beneficial in herbal formulas are their ability to improve stagnation and circulation somewhere in the body.  Depending on the herb, it will affect different regions differently.  Stagnation is the main cause of illness.  There are many good websites and specialists that deal with herbal preparations.  If I was trying to get over a major health challenge, I would definitely have herbs in my arsenal.  In today’s high stressed, crappy food world; we need some natural allies to help us get things moving again.  Remember, herbs are “GODS MEDICINE.”  Let’s not forget them in favor of “man-made” medicine.





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