Is Health Complicated or SIMPLE?

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Is being healthy really that complicated?  Or do WE make it complicated?

We are living in a world FULL of seemingly complex illnesses and health challenges.  Things like cancers, heart diseases, auto-immune issues, diabetes, etc.  These things didn’t seem to plague us so much in the past.  What is happening?  Even most natural medicine today uses piles of supplements and therapies to help us “heal” or “treat” our condition.  Take your pills in the morning, afternoon and night.  Fancy Fancy.  Doctors prescribe all kinds of pills for everything from pain to heart problems to cancers.  There are surgeries for everything as well today.  Specialists abound.  Is all of this stuff really necessary or are we somehow making it more complex than it has to be?  Before I continue, I acknowledge I am no doctor.  I understand that some conditions may warrant medical advice in certain situations; especially in acute or emergency situations.

So I would like to implement a new AND old theory of health.  Health is NATURAL.  In other words, it is not natural for us to get sick; but it is normal.  Life has existed on this planet for a very long time without the use of technology, science, and modern medicine.  Now I for one love science and technology if it is properly applied.  However, when we rely solely on our technologies and forget about our instincts and ancient wisdom; something is wrong.  Look at all the chronic illness sprouting up everywhere.  Are people really just “catching” bad bugs and coming down with this stuff?  Of course not.  In order to understand this picture we need to look from a higher viewpoint.  I am going to list the basics here.  All conditions may require a little bit different treatment approaches to fix, that I acknowledge.  However, the steps I am listing will help ALL that implement them.

FRESH AIR:  Clean oxygen.  Deep breathing preferably.  Careful with the smog in busy cities.  If you live in a city; invest in an air filter.  Get houseplants.  Stop using deodorizers and fragrances and scented candles.  This is step #1.

CLEAN WATER:  Get your water from a spring if possible.  A second choice would be using a good quality filtered water.  Tap water just won’t cut it these days.

SUNLIGHT:  Get sun on your skin.  We are mini solar-panels.  Our body can utilize this source of energy very well.  Moderation is the key here.  

GROUNDING: Get your bare feet on the ground for at least a few minutes every day.  This helps discharge electromagnetic stress and gathers free-electrons from the earth.  All of this helps regulate your energy field

MILD EXERCISE:  We were designed to move our bodies.  We need to circulate our systems.  This includes lymph and blood.  The lymph has no pump of its own and needs to be circulated.  Over-training is not recommended or needed for health.

FOOD:  We need to cut out the garbage.  Gluten, pasteurized dairy, fried foods, packaged and processed foods, SUGAR, chemicals, etc.  90% of the food at supermarkets is just disguised junk.  Keep to the perimeters when possible.  Focus on fruits, vegetables, good fats, and clean sourced meat, fish, and eggs.  Don’t overeat and don’t eat late at night.

CLEANSING:  Most of us simply need to cleanse our bodies.  We have eaten junk a lot of our lives.  We have faulty emotional blocks.  We have gunk and/or bugs in the liver and intestines.  This is unfortunately a product of your lifestyles.  It still needs addressed.  Herbs in combination with the rest of the steps will help in cleansing the body.  Occasionally, drastic flushes/cleanses may be required.

SLEEP:  This is simple.  Get enough sleep.  Preferably go to bed when the sun goes down and get up when it comes up.  10-6 is a great sleeping window.  Sleep as much as you feel like you need.  If that means 6 hours a day, great.  If that means 12, that is fine too.  You may require more sleep during times of active healing.

CHIROPRACTIC:  Fix the nervous system.  Easily overlooked.  If your body can’t communicate properly due to faulty mechanics, things will simply not be able to work and heal properly.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL:  This is probably the most overlooked step and what I see as the #1 reason people with health challenges have problems healing.  Most of this stuff goes back to childhood or things we learned in early school years.  It may even go back to before you were born and deal with ancestral issues.  The major things I have noticed?  Most of it has to do with RELATIONSHIPS.  Your relationship with your father and mother.  Your relationship with your spouse.  Your relationship with your siblings.  Your relationship with GOD.  With YOURSELF!  Having passion and fun and happiness in your life cannot be underestimated either.  You may have to dig a bit to get to the bottom of this one.  

SPIRITUAL:  Having a relationship with GOD is probably one of the most important factors in healing.  An HONEST relationship here based on humility seems to lead to the right course of action.  It may not be easy at first, but it is a light to show you the correct path.

I’m sure I am forgetting a few here but these are the basics off the top of my head.  Anybody serious about improving their health would most likely improve by leaps and bounds focusing on these factors.  Any condition will be improved by these.  There are always other factors that may need to be more specifically “targeted” for recovery.  So I guess in my mind, health is really not so complicated.  I believe that we are NATURALLY designed for health and healing.  Somehow we get in the way.  A lot of this is through mental conditioning and unhealthy attitudes towards life.  Let’s get back to the basics and make things SIMPLE again.




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