Healing Crisis and ROOT causes

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A healing crisis doesn’t sound like much fun does it?  Most people in America are not so familiar with this term but in most cultures it is a signature piece of most natural healing methods.

So what is it?  A healing crisis is when your body gains enough energy to upgrade its systems.  This could include killing off unwanted parasites and bacteria, detoxification of organ systems, renewal of hormonal systems, etc.  These are deep levels of healing that come from the inside out.  These do not come from pills or drugs.  They come when your body is ready.  In a sense, a healing crisis means HEALING.  That is the good thing.  The bad thing is that it is not always pleasant and occasionally may be overwhelming depending on the cause.  Addressing root causes of health issues at deep levels may enact more intense healing reactions.  Reactions may include nausea, constipation, diarrhea, unreasonable impatience, emotional discharges, depression, headaches, back aches, vomiting, low energy, intolerance to exercise, etc etc.   Chasing symptoms usually does not manifest a healing crisis.  Let’s look at some root causes that, when addressed, may develop a healing reaction.  You usually feel your best right before a healing crisis.  To avoid unpleasant and overwhelming healing reactions try to evolve into whatever you are doing.  Don’t try to change everything at once.  Just focus on the root causes and let your body do the rest.

FOOD and DRINK:  If you are moderately healthy, you may develop a small healing reaction just by cutting out junk foods.  This may include sugar, soda pop, cereals, cookies, donuts, bread, pasteurized dairy, etc.  When the junk isn’t coming in; the body has more energy to do housekeeping.  Not eating late at night can also help your body build up to these.  Eating a large meal late at night means the body is digesting instead of cleaning up and repairing.  Focusing on better and better quality nutrition with a variety of easily digestible foods may manifest healing reactions.  Lots of fresh fruits and veggies, healthy fats, and clean, lightly cooked animal products.  Sometimes our bodies just need the adequate supplies to do a job.  It’s like a builder who has no tools or equipment.  The project will not get started let alone completed.  This is a mild step that will likely not cause giant reactions, especially when eased in to.  Getting adequate levels of fresh water and dropping the lattes, pasteurized dairy, and fruit juices will help as well.  Hydration is extremely important for health.

EXERCISE/SLEEP:  Getting enough exercise and sleep will give the body the circulation and rest it needs to help heal itself.  Overtraining is not helpful.

CHIROPRACTIC:  This fixes the nervous system on a deep level.  Communication happens better.  Energy flows better.  We need this stuff.  Seeing a corrective-care chiropractor can help address problems on this level.  Most of us sit a lot.  We sit with our head forward.  We have bad posture.  We have had accidents in sports.  This creates a lot of tension on the spine.  Most people especially have problems in the upper cervical.  Addressing this can cause healing reactions.

CLEANSING:  Cleaning out the gunk from your body can definitely manifest a healing reaction.  This would include using herbs or other methods of cleansing to rid your organs of accumulated junk.  This could be using herbs to stimulate digestion/elimination.  It could be herbs and juicing to help break down kidney and gallstones.  It could be enemas.  It could be liver flushing.  Whatever it is; if you are enacting a change in your body which makes it easier to do its job, a healing crisis could happen.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL:  Working on an energetic level can enact huge changes in the way the body runs its energy.  It takes an enormous amount of energy to suppress emotions and to keep up faulty belief patterns.  On an emotional level this could include stored traumas, grief, sadness, loss, anger, frustration, conflicts, etc.  On a mental level this may include belief systems that include fears, unworthiness, I’m unloveable, I’m not good enough, etc.  Most of mental level programming is fear-based.  So changing anything on these levels will definitely enact healing reactions.  Emotional energy is stored in the organs they are related to.  Fear in the kidneys, anger in the liver, etc.  Good tools to release emotions are helpful.  Tools to help stop them from forming are even more helpful.

SPIRITUAL/KARMIC:  These levels often supersede all others.  This involves levels dealing with the family system and with GOD.  Sometimes we are playing out the same faulty belief systems, emotional traumas, and bad relationships as our parents.  Sometimes we have a grudge against God for something that happened to us.  Sometimes looking back to events that happened before we were even born are important to understanding WHY you ended up with health challenges.  Focusing on the bigger picture is an important shift.  When we look at ourselves as a single unit separate from others; we tend to blame everything else.  When we see that we are just a small part of a big whole that is interconnected and that there is never ONE CAUSE for anything; it is a lot easier to accept things.  This may include forgiving ourselves and others, making peace with the past, learning to follow God or love instead of fear and man-based programming.  Working with these levels can enact very strong healing reactions.  Working with things from this level can often manifest healing on all of the levels below it.

These are just the basics here.  Depending on the problem you are having; you may have a lot bigger list =)  These are all very deep forms of healing that may produce healing reactions in the body.  When going through a bad time or a healing reaction, a few things should be kept in mind.  Resting a lot is KEY.  Backing off of treatments and supplements may be wise for a few days.  Do not push yourself.  Drink a lot of water and maybe take a hot bath or shower.  Hopefully the reaction passes quickly and you will be on your way to better and better health =)



2 thoughts on “Healing Crisis and ROOT causes

  1. Thanks for this post. Really helpful, I tend to spiral through them, and become frustrated, but mostly I think it is just continual, cyclic, healing.

    • Yea, they are very frustrating. They also can skew your judgement with your progress. Good grounding seems like the best response. Funny movies, light exercise, “real-world” stuff, etc.

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