Benefits of living your TRUTH

North America and Pelican Nebulae (narrowband)


We are often taught to live beyond our truth.  We are taught to ignore the truth in our lives if it means facing something uncomfortable or painful.  Maybe this means spending more money than we have.  Maybe it means pretending that the food we are eating is not going to make us sick down the road.  Maybe it means not addressing a serious problem in a relationship that needs worked on.  Maybe it means listening to a part of ourselves that we haven’t acknowledged for a long time, if ever.  What does all this have in common?

It all comes from living OUR truth.  The truth and reality of our situations.  Our health, relationships, finances, emotions, and more.  It usually means looking at a lot of uncomfortable stuff that we didn’t want to deal with at the time.  Maybe we couldn’t deal with it at the time.  Maybe we didn’t know how.  Most of us here are brought up by our culture to never be satisfied with ourselves.  Not satisfied with our looks, our fitness, our relationships, our jobs, our financial situations, etc.  There is always another level to reach.  Another goal.  But when do we see that the REAL goal is to never be happy but always be striving for MORE?  We get in a routine of pushing that extra mile out of ourselves.  We get in the habit of pretending that we are getting a little more done than we really are.  We pretend that things don’t bother us so that we can keep up appearances.  Is this truly the best thing for us?

Living your truth often involves developing a deep relationship with ourselves and with God.  It means admitting our flaws, our faults, our imperfections, our fears, our worries, our grievances to ourselves and God.  Sometimes admitting these to other people can be very refreshing as well.  It means looking at everything that we are taught not to look at.  It means choosing to follow life on a deeper level than your mind or body.  Sometimes during this process, we will have to face a lot of pain.  Pain over where our relationships are, where our health is at, WHY we do some of the things we do.  It may involve facing some trauma that you once suppressed or were not even aware of.  When you start living in truth, you will begin to get a chance to face down all the parts of yourself that are not in line with your greater good or with God.  What happens when you start doing this?

Sometimes you find a lot of stuff you DON’T LIKE about yourself.  Maybe you don’t treat members of your friends or family with the respect they deserve.  Maybe a lot of the things you do on a daily basis have more to do with fear and your ego than they do with love and respect.  It means looking at life where it is.  Sometimes life is pretty screwed up and WE don’t want to see it.  Deep down it simply means making conscious what we store unconsciously anyway.  Often times we know how our relationships are doing.  How our finances are doing, our jobs.  But a part of us doesn’t want to look.  So I will not sit here and act like this is an easy process.  It is very difficult to wash out this type of programming.  Why would we want to live in truth instead of fabricated reality?

Living in truth allows us to build our lives from the ground up.  We start prioritizing what truly matters for US.  This usually means focusing on the basics in life.  Building our health, our families, our relationships, fueling our passions, etc.  This allows us to feel very good about what we are working on.  Maybe it means putting more money into healthy food for the family instead of that new car.  Maybe it means spending time with your spouse or kids to develop loving, sturdy relationships.  It means acknowledging the areas in our lives that are hard and facing up to them.  In the end, you will discover better ways to manage your own life.  You will find ways to make more our of less.  You will find ways to accept yourself and your situations in life.  Ironically, by admitting our own humanity and weaknesses; our lives become better than we could have imagined =)



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