“Dis-eases” Versus Health Challenges







You have a disease.  You have an illness.  Or rather IT has YOU.  A “dis-ease” usually comes in the form of bugs, problems with organs, cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, on and on.  Getting diagnosed here makes it seem that there is no hope.  You have been labeled.  What options do you possibly have?  Maybe a new way of looking at the problem?


What is a “dis-ease?”  First off, I’m no doctor here.  But it would appear that a dis-ease is usually nothing more than a health condition that is affecting your body at any given time.  Your “diabetes” is not the same as someone else’s.  We get very stuck with these diagnoses.  Once we agree to the label we agree to the outcome.  This may mean a lifetime on medications, surgeries, etc.  Why do we do this?  Usually because we fail to realize that most of these are caused by our own actions.  We have given our responsibility and power away.  Do we simply have no power over this stuff or do we have a choice?


I say we all have a choice.  We all can choose whether to see ourselves with “health-challenges” instead of “dis-eases.”  This creates a picture that looks workable.  We can work with our bodies instead of aiming on fighting disease.  By focusing on lifestyle strategies and root causes we can aid the body in overcoming any health challenge.  Believing that you have the power to do that is probably most of the battle.  So let’s stop fighting dis-ease and start building health.  Let’s choose to view ourselves as people with health-challenges and not people with “diseases.”  Remember, a disease has YOU but YOU have health challenges.  Let’s take that responsibility back and accept the predicament so we can start doing something about it =)



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