The “5 levels of Healing”



This one is attributable to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.  This is one of the best systems of looking at health and illness that I have come across.  If you haven’t looked at it already, you should do some research into klinghardt’s stuff.  I do not agree with all of it as I favor more natural methods over supplements but the 5 levels of healing is great.

 Often times, we think of health purely in a mechanistic or physical sense.  The organs, muscles, heart, liver, etc.  We get “bugs,” toxins, eat too much bad food, etc.  What about the other factors?  The emotional issues?  Spiritual?  This is where the 5 levels comes in.  This is just a very brief overview.  Each of these topics can be broken down and analyzed in a lot more detail when needed.  So here goes.

 LEVEL 1: PHYSICAL.  This is the most basic.  The one most people are constantly searching after.  After all, it is the most concrete.  The most measurable.  The most visible.  So what is it?  This includes your muscles, organ systems, and physical body.  We feed the physical body with good nutrition, fresh air, clean water, sunlight, etc.  This would also include any physical issues with your nervous system or spine.  Exercise is very helpful for this body as well.  Blood and lymph like help circulating.  Treatment methods include chiropractic, nutrition, exercise, massage, sleep, cleansing, herbs, etc.

 LEVEL 2: EMOTIONAL/ENERGETIC.  Going up the ladder.  The world of emotions.  This topic alone is huge.  This is the area of the nervous system.  The adrenal glands, the hormones, etc.  This is where “stress” manifests itself.  In our emotions.  This is the area that is under pressure when we live in emotional turmoil.  Things like chronic fear, worry, doubt, anger, and misery will all hurt this body.  This is the energy body in terms of chinese medicine.  It is literally an electrical system.  If it is off, then your physical body will be off.  It needs to be cleared from time to time to get rid of any accumulated “poisons.”  This includes releasing any suppressed emotions and ultimately looking upward to the higher levels to figure out where this stuff is coming from.  Ultimately, our emotions react out of our belief systems.  Therapies here include; meditation, relaxation exercises, qigong/tai-chi, yoga, sleep, spending time in nature, grounding, emotional release work, therapy, massage, journaling, EFT, etc.  

 LEVEL 3: MENTAL.  Reaching up.  The mental level is the realm of thought patterns and belief systems.  This is how we choose to live our lives.  Maybe this means buying into a “diagnosis” from someone you were told was an expert.  Maybe it means believing you would always be dumb or unsuccessful or sick.  Maybe you will never find that relationship or good job.  The ultimate problem a lot of people deal with is not loving themselves.  We live in a perfectionist society and are often taught to do a little bit better but better is never quite good enough.  It’s a constant struggle.  It’s pretty hard to heal and get good jobs and relationships when what you really need first is love.  So clearing out the belief systems that do not serve us is a big part of healing.  Therapies here may include psychotherapy, EFT, prayer, inner child work, and other forms of therapies designed on clearing out the negative imprints of belief systems and traumas.  Often belief systems are not from the “adult” part of ourselves.  They are from the “child” part.

 LEVEL 4: INTUITIVE.  Ok.  Here is where things begin to get a little complicated.  Where do we learn our belief systems from?  What is most important to children?  FAMILY and TRIBE.  As much as we would like to think, we are NOT ever separate from the bigger system.  Each one of us is NOT self-sufficient.  We rely on things.  We rely on clean air, water, food, God, love, our bodies, and our families.  We are all energetically linked to our family systems.  This is especially true for newborns as our lives literally depend on the energy of the family.  This all goes back a long way.  If trauma, energetic issues, emotions, regrets, resentments, etc are not discharged by previous members of the family, they will seek the resolution in following generations.  This is tough to swallow.  A lot of serious core issues can be traced back to this level.  If you look at most mental/emotional problems; they often stem from a difficult upbringing or a “core” misconception about life, it’s fairness, our own suffering, etc.  Therapies here may include hypnotherapy, shamanism, meditation, prayer, systemic family counseling, inner child work, Jungian analysis, etc.

 LEVEL 5: GOD.  We finally made it =)  The top-level is God and spirituality.  This is the most complex and simple of all the topics here.  On one hand it is simple.  God is always the same God regardless of how WE view him.  Maybe we had an issue with God at birth and never forgave him.  Maybe we were taught in our belief system that God was a God to be feared and hid from or to be ashamed of ourselves.  Maybe a relationship failed and we wondered why.  God represents unconditional love and light.  The source from which all life ultimately flows.  Think about that again.  The source from which all life ultimately flows. When we understand and belief what God is, ALL the levels below can easily be cleared out and healed.  We realize that our emotional pain comes from our beliefs.  Our beliefs may come from faulty family or societal programming.  But God is truth.  He can’t be “skewed.”  Only we can be skewed.  So in short, this step is all about finding out who/what God really represents and changing our beliefs according to this truth and light.  Without turning this into a spiel, therapies on this level include; Prayer, spiritual teachings, deep meditation, learning the meaning of LOVE vs. FEAR, inner child work, etc.

 So there we have it.  The 5 levels.  Each one could be discussed at length of course.  Some general rules to keep in mind.  You cannot “heal” an issue on a level below where it was created.  For instance, a good diet is never going to clear up family trauma issues.  It may help us energetically prepare for it, but we need to heal it on THAT level.  People who have good relationships with God, love themselves, have good family relationships, etc will eventually turn to physical health of the body as well.  When we live in “God’s truth” instead of “human/our truth,” things start working out.  This is NOT an easy path, especially today.  The path of true healing often involves completely changing our diets and lifestyles, addressing our emotions at a deep level, seeing our faulty mental patterns for what they are, fixing wounded relationships, and ultimately just trusting God.  It is a long path but in the end, this is how true healing occurs =)



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