Living in a Tornado

One of several tornadoes observed by the VORTE...

Weird title I know.  But where to begin?  Was there ever a time in your life that no matter how much you would have liked, you could not get out of a bad situation?  Maybe you tried and tried but things just wouldn’t work out.  Growing up in America, we are taught that we can pretty much control everything and override ALL external elements of our world if we simply try hard enough and are smart enough.  Well I hate to say but this is an ILLUSION.  

We are not in nearly as much control as we think.  And we hate it.  We always feel the need to control the situation.  Why?  Maybe we have had a lot of emotional trauma in our lives.  Maybe we are taught we need to be perfect and always have it “together.”  Maybe we are afraid to give over ultimate control to something bigger than ourselves and admit that there are more powerful, greater forces governing the world. Whatever the case, it is very frustrating for most of us.  So what do we do?

Well, we really just have 2 options.  

1. FIGHT:  We can fight the feeling.  This includes trying to maintain control over everything.  Our feelings, our emotions, people we are in relationships with, our families, what happens at work or school, blame God, and basically work work work to try to get things on track EXACTLY the way we want them or are taught that they should be.

2. ACCEPT:  Now I don’t mean accepting your life as it is.  Far from it.  I believe that all of us should do our best and strive to improve our lives as much as we can.  But I’m talking about the details here.  When you can honestly say you have covered all of your bases, can you give the rest over to GOD?  Can you look at challenges in your life and realize that sometimes you just don’t have control?  This is one of the hardest lessons for humans I believe.  We try everything possible to be in control and we really don’t like facing up to the fact that we may just not have as much power as we thought we did.

Of course there are always in between states.  Fighting for our beliefs is an amazing thing.  But if you get locked in a cage, how long do you beat yourself against the walls before you lie still?  How long do you live in a war zone before you move on with your life?  Sometimes in life, the “TORNADO” doesn’t just go away.  It won’t go away no matter what we do, think, say, or try.  So what then?  Please don’t waste time, love, and energy fighting it just to feel in control.  Sometimes it feels so much better to give control to a higher source.  In these modern times living in our regulated houses, grocery stores, etc; we give ourselves the illusion of having more control than we actually do.  Let’s give in a little and sometimes just “live in the tornado” for a while.  You may just learn something very profound about yourself =)



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