THE Shortcut to Health (Humility/Humanity)

Kahlil Gibran (sculptor)

A shortcut to health huh?  Would be nice huh?  Maybe we already have that.  Maybe that is a guy in a white coat telling us what to believe and feel?  But see the guy in the white coat doesn’t know any better either.  We are all human here.  So what is the shortcut?

It’s to realize what it means to be human.  Now I know all of us intellectually know this.  Of course we are human.  We evolved from apes, etc etc.  That’s not what I mean.  What is your DEFINITION of being human?  Once again, I feel that most of us believe that to be human often means never being vulnerable.  It means being perfect in our jobs, our relationships, our families, with ourselves, and with God.  If it means weakness then we don’t want anything to do with it.  Let’s look at some common ones here.

ACKNOWLEDGING PAIN/LIMITATION:  This often includes acknowledging to ourselves how we feel.  We can’t truly move on to the next step unless we can admit things to ourselves.  This pain may include fears, sadness, anger, whatever.  A lot of the time we are so stuck in our ideals of “perfect humanity” that we refuse to acknowledge these things even in ourselves.  

SHARING PAIN:  We are interdependent animals.  We are social animals.  We need an outlet for our pain.  This can include God as well as fellow humans.  The problem here?  You need to be vulnerable and humble to show your pain.  This is often very hard to do.

REALIZATION: Realize that we are all human.  I have a nice quote for you on this one.  “If we were to all sit in a circle and confess our sins, we would laugh at each other for lack of originality” – Kahlil Gibran.  What is going on here?  Well basically we all aren’t that different!  We all have fears and grief.  Nobody is a walking robot who has no feelings.  Sometimes the people who have a tough exterior feel the most vulnerable inside.  Realizing we are all in this together helps to not feel so isolated and alone

GOD:  God always comes into play doesn’t he?  Here is the thing.  God/source is always constant.  His light is always available to us.  When you truly start understanding what God is you start seeing the truth.  The truth is that we live in an organic world.  We are not robotic-metal-like people who are impenetrable from external forces.  We are fragile.  Our emotions and our bodies are fragile.  

EGO:  This is the key here.  The ego is very powerful.  It will usually try to keep you from accessing the aforementioned solutions.  You have to show the ego that it isn’t needed in the same way.  This usually involves taking God’s path instead.  This is a hard step.  Basically; fear and pride and selfishness are going to come up.  When they do, we need to ALLOW that fear to be there but choose to not submit to it.  This is very scary at first as we are literally changing who we are.  

So what does all of this do?  Amazing things can happen when we can truly live more in humility and acceptance of our own humanity.  Maybe you swallow your pride and admit to a loved one that you made a big mistake and that YOU are sorry.  Maybe you admit to yourself that you have a lot of emotional issues that could use dealt with and that going out with friends isn’t what you need at the moment.  Maybe its facing up to that bad diet that you have been eating for a while.  Here is one thing I have learned.  We often KNOW the truth but we spend a lot of time and energy running and hiding from it!  We are usually just fighting with ourselves and our own minds.  The world really isn’t out to “get you.”  Bad things happen here but nobody is a victim.  It is a long process and one that never truly ends.  But let’s start being with the truth instead of trying to hide or run or fight it.  Let’s accept and love ourselves for what we really are.  The interesting thing is that a FLIP happens.  We go from running from who we are to celebrating who we are.  When you realize you are “just a human” you realize that you usually are doing a pretty damn good job at it =)



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