HAPPINESS Health Series: Smiling

Bring Back My Happiness


Sometimes it gets really hard to laugh, especially during tough times.  Sometimes it appears as though there is nothing to smile about.  Maybe we are in extreme amounts of mental and physical pain.  Maybe we just lost our job.  Maybe our relationships are not working out the way we want them to.  Smile.

Happiness is a HUGE part of health.  Why would we even want to be living here if not to be happy?  We seem to waste a lot of time and energy getting in the way of our own happiness.  Where does this come from?  Usually from fear.  We are afraid of what people think, afraid of our health challenges, afraid of relationship issues, etc.  So we learn to stay away from happiness.  Happiness is a vulnerability.  Who has time for that? =)

But seriously, life needs to be worth living.  Happiness is one of the things that makes it worth living.  There are several aspects to this which I will go into over the next few posts.  Smiling is the first.  So what about it?

Smiling is underrated =)

We tend to think of the bigger and grander positive emotions such as joy, peace, love, and laughter.  But don’t underestimate the power of the simple smile.  A smile can brighten another person’s day.  It can take you from sad to OK.  There are days when it is very difficult to laugh and I understand that.  But try to crack a smile here and there.  If nothing else but to smile at the human condition.  Honestly I can’t smile about it without laughing as well.  We take things so seriously here yet we really are so miniscule we may as well enjoy the ride.  Being serious all the time means being inflexible.  Let’s start opening up to the little things that make us smile.  Here are a few ideas.

-Buy something silly just to be silly.  The other day I bought a small pack of “angry bird” pencil toppers.  I smile every time I look at them.  Other options are comic books, magazines, silly books, whatever will bring a little smile about your face.  

-See the irony in life.  How small we are and how animalistic we are and ridiculous we can be.  Smile at YOURSELF!

You never know; that smiling may just lead to laughing.  And P.S. if that picture doesn’t make you smile you are in trouble =)



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