HAPPINESS Health Series: Silliness

The End of Silliness? VHS Cover


Your silly.  Really.

When did life become a big rat race?  All of our technology has somehow turned us into “serious freaks.”  We can’t seem to relax.  We sure can’t laugh at ourselves.  If we did that we wouldn’t be serious and we wouldn’t get anything done.  What is the cure for this trap?

SILLINESS.  Mainly for ourselves.  Take off the “serious cap” and let yourself be silly for a little while.  Take up a new hobby that you KNOW you will be terrible at and make a fool of yourself.  Do it anyway!  You will find that it feels very good to not take yourself so seriously for a while.  Make a funny face at yourself in the mirror.  Pretend that your stapler is a mini Pac-Man.  Dance outside even if the neighbors are watching.  Purposely wear clothes that are completely off when you go out in public.  Better yet, wear your clothes inside out.  The list goes on and on.  One of my personal favorites is pushing my grocery cart and riding on the back of it in the parking lot.

Whatever happened to child-like pretending or imagination?  We knew as children that our lives were as we dreamed them.  As adults we feel that life is what is dictated to us from the outside.  I think the kids got it right.  The big idea here is that we all live in these little boxes based on FEAR.  Oh no! If i wear my shirt backwards people will look at me funny and we can’t have that.  If I relax and smile at myself maybe I won’t see myself as a tough, strong person.  Most of this is just societies programming playing into us.  Almost anything can be silly if we let it.  Let’s start letting it =)



6 thoughts on “HAPPINESS Health Series: Silliness

  1. Ahahaha… Oops, sorry, told myself a joke. One tip tho, when trying out for a volleyball team (even coed rec) don’t laugh at your silly mistake if you want to be on the team. 😦

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