walking the tight rope

Slack huh?  What do you mean slack?

I would define slack as allowing yourself some “wiggle room.”  Let go of that tightrope a little bit.  A lot of us live with our strings tied so tightly that there is no slack or give anymore.  This is not only terrible for our health but a very “unfun” way of living life.  So how do we fix all this?

REALIZATION:  Take the time to sit down and realize that NOBODY that has ever lived has been perfect.  Nobody has not fallen off the wagon at times, made mistakes, said dumb things, messed up, etc.  We are all humans.  Realizing this intellectually will not accomplish anything.  You truly need to FEEL it emotionally and energetically to understand this point.  Realizing that humans have been around for millions of years WITH their mistakes is a welcome comfort.

ALLOW:  After realizing the above; allow yourself more freedom.  Will being a minute or two late to an appointment really ruin your life?  Will eating something that is supposedly “not good” every now and again end your life?  Allow yourself the freedom to have wiggle room.

RELEASE:  Release your “perceived” control on everything and everyone around you.  Don’t try to be perfect yourself.  Release the need to always be perfect in front of others.  Does it really work anyway?  I might not like the color shirt you have on.  Does this mean your shirt is “wrong?”  Let it go.

Now all of this is not to say that we shouldn’t strive for greatness.  I think aiming our lives in a positive direction takes courage and discipline and is one of the best choices we can make.  However, to not allow for wiggle room or slack is to deny our very humanity.  It turns us into stress freaks that wander around afraid of everything.  When we allow that room to wiggle we allow fun into our lives.  We can actually stop to smell the flowers.  We can forgive those who “hurt” us.  We can truly start LIVING.  Of course you need to figure out which areas are best to “wiggle” in.



3 thoughts on “HAPPINESS Health Series: SLACK

  1. It may be in the “striving for greatness” that allows for the wiggle room. I try to keep my intentions set to perfect because I know I will often fall short. That way I don’t have to sweat the landing…as much. 8)

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