HAPPINESS Health Series Conclusion: PASSION


happy kid from Iran

I could keep thinking of small topics here and there but these are the main ones.  Laughter, joy, smiling, slack, etc.  I have saved probably the most important one for last.  That is PASSION.  What is it?


With Passion we can do almost anything.  Without it, we struggle by in life and wonder where we went wrong.  The unfortunate reality is that most of us get stuck somewhere along the way with fears or insecurities.  We give up on our passions and dreams bit by bit until they are nothing but a distant memory.  This is terrible for our sense of happiness.  What can we do about it?


FIND YOU:  Take some time to really find out who you are.  A lot of people are following the dream of their family or of society at large and are not really sure what they want to do or who they are.  Using some techniques for finding out who you are unique from everyone else is a huge step in finding your passions.  Start paying attention to your dreams, discharge any past emotional baggage.  You may find out that who YOU are has just been covered up by a lot of who you are NOT!


GOALS:  Set aside time to write down your goals.  This can be something very small or something very big.  Maybe you want to cut soda out of your life so that you can lose weight.  Maybe you want to survive your illness so that you can help the world.  There is no right or wrong answer here.  The point is to put something down on paper things that you wish to accomplish that will help fuel your passions.


EVOLVE:  Finding and living your passions is an evolutionary process.  It does not happen over night.  It requires constant dedication, drive, courage, and love.  We need to nurture our “creations” so that they take fruit in the long-run.  We need to be in it for the long-haul.  


Passion is a long-term project.  It requires us to allow the fullness of our being to come into contact with the world.  This is not an easy task.


Refer to other tips on happiness.  When following your passions the going gets tough.  You WILL come up against obstacles.  You WILL come up against your own fears as well as others fears.  These are just bumps in the road that we must overcome if we want to truly live with passion.  But what could be more worthwhile?  Hope everyone enjoyed the series =) Smile.





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