“Paleo” my Ass

1 and a half russet potato with sprouts. Slice...


Sorry guys.  Venting a little here.  I am tired of this paleo this and that.  I understand that eating large amounts of potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, parsnips, etc may not be the best for some people but what about the cultures that have used these foods as the basis of healthy diets for thousands of years?  Native Americans ate a load of corn.  Not the same corn, no, but corn.  Tortillas?  What about Irish people eating potatoes?  Now I’m not insisting that these are always “ideal” foods, etc.  But people just do not need to be freaking out over having some baked potatoes every now and then.  Tonight, we made an amazing Irish dish called “Colcannon”.  We use Yukon gold potatoes, steamed kale/leaks, chopped garlic, and top it off with some raw grass-fed butter.  

Is it so bad?  I know that the information age is helpful but MAN it seems like us humans can take it too far sometimes?  There are so many good meaning people out there that are afraid to eat a sweet potato or potato because it’s not “paleo.”  Are our guidelines too strict?  I can’t help but think about people living thousands of years ago.  They had no science or vitamin/mineral data.  They just ate intuitively and they did a good job at it most of the time.  I remember an article from Chris Kresser called the Paleo Template.  He just talked about using things more as a guideline instead of an absolute rule.  If you are eating organic, local food that is prepared sensibly then trusting your taste buds is usually a good guide.  Some of us need more meat.  Some of us need more fruit.  Other people feel good with a lot of carbohydrates in the forms of potatoes, sweet potatoes, root crops, fruit, etc.  So which is it?  Let’s tune into our own inner wisdom a bit more.  As someone who got sucked into that world for a while it is refreshing to get out =)  Thanks for tuning in.



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