WHY we eat so much?



Why do we eat so much?  Or rather so much bad stuff.  Are we compensating for something?  Maybe feeding something other than our physical body?  This is not really a post on weight loss although it could be targeted that way as well.  Obviously junk food tastes pretty good or we wouldn’t touch the stuff to begin with.  However it is “artificially tasty.”  People add addictive chemicals, sugars, crappy fats, and other things to trick our taste buds that we are eating something very nourishing.  It is normal for animals in the wild to eat things high in calories.  It is part of our normal eating process.  However, I think we eat for other reasons as well.  

EMOTIONS:  We “Feed” our emotions.  The human brain burns a lot of calories.  We burn more when we are stressed out.  If we have chronically suppressed emotional conflicts or anything of that nature we burn more.  The human body is a sensitive machine.  If we are using up all of our energy to digest a giant meal of junk-food than the higher-level functioning of the emotional/spiritual self is usually shut down.  This is why we go for that pizza or ice-cream after a hard break-up.

NUTRITION:  You will always be hungry if you are malnourished.  And by malnourishment I mean a few things.  Most people are malnourished when it comes to nutrition.  We don’t eat the right types and quality foods that will give our bodies everything they need to run at peak condition.  If you are missing some vital nutrients then you will always be hungry.  What happened when you needed some nutrition a long time ago?  You ate more food.  However, with our nutrient depleted, dead foods; this doesn’t get people anywhere.  Nutrition could also be referred to as “elemental nutrition”.  These are things that we take for granted sometimes such as clean air, fresh water, sunlight, and grounding.  These are all inputs into the human system that we have evolved with for a long time.  These are not supposed to be “optional” things.  They are essential to our healthy growth.  Nutrition could even go farther and deal with positive emotional nutrition.  Things like feeling loved, accepted, passionate, etc. We all need these things coming in on a regular basis or there forms a “nutrition gap.”  This gap needs to be filled by something.  It really wants to be filled by the “GOOD STUFF” but it will settle for something else until we can find that stuff.

So basically I believe that we usually are eating because we are lacking in some form of “nutrition.”  This could be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc.  The ways to beat this are simple yet complex.  We just need to listen more.  Listen to what we are truly hungry for.  Is it really that pizza or does your emotions need looking at?  Do you overeat constantly?  Maybe your body needs something other than what you are feeding it.  Feed the mind.  Feed the body.  We have so many forms of nourishment in this world and yet we have learned to focus on ONE!  This is somewhat silly I think =)  Let’s take the time to figure out where we have these nutrition gaps and start filling in the cracks.



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