Benefits of the “Pre-Morning”

English: Sunrise through morning mist


What is the “Pre-Morning?”

It is a small window of time early in the morning where we have time and space to collect ourselves before we start the “morning.”  This time window usually only occurs if we go to bed early the night before and have enough time to rest and wake up early naturally.  It provides a type of quiet-time that we miss out on if we sleep in until the world begins.  Let’s look at some of the benefits.

PLANNING:  We can plan our day stress-free here.  Make some lists, think about the day, etc.  Think about the food you may want to consume throughout the day.  Think about what you want to accomplish.

WORK-IN:  This is the perfect time to do energy accumulation exercises such as qigong, tai-chi, yoga, deep breathing, etc.  This is excellent for your health and also puts you in a very relaxed mood with which to start your day stress-free.

QUIET:  There is not so much interference at this time of day.  The dogs aren’t barking.  The neighbors aren’t taking their kids to the bus.  The lawn care squad isn’t mowing.  Things are just quieter.

 There is a period of time for energy and activity and a time for stillness.  The pre-morning is definitely a period of stillness.  Of quiet contemplation.  Try it a few times and you may get a little addicted =)



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