From each according to his ability, to each ac...

Woah Woah Woah, what?! Explanation required?

This is a complex topic I have been pondering lately.  Is God a communist?  A capitalist?  Free enterprise?  Maybe a combination of the above.  If God created a form of government, how would it look? It certainly wouldn’t look like America today.  Then again, it wouldn’t look like most forms of governments created on this planet.  God is unselfish.  He tries to spread the wealth.  Life flows evenly to all.  Sometimes this means certain people flourishing and certain people’s demise.  God also seems to be someone advocating the American ideals of free speech, the pursuit of happiness, and that all men are created equal.  These all seem great as well.  But what happens when the pursuit of one man’s happiness ends up in the slavery and misery of hundreds?  What used to be small businesses have now turned into billion dollar corporations.  I recently read somewhere that 50% of the money in this country belongs to half a percent of the population.  Is the wealth being spread?  Are we legitimized to hold on to millions for ourselves when others are suffering and starving?  This certainly isn’t a trait God would hold in high esteem.  On the other hand, I feel that some people DO work a lot harder for what they have than others.  Some people work extremely hard for little pay.  Some work extremely little for high pay.  Some want people to pay their way or just don’t care.  I believe God tends to reward us through a type of karmic system.  We have placed monetary wealth as the number 1 indicator of success in this country.  What about the other forms of wealth?  Health and fitness.  Family values.  Relationships.  Children.  Aiding future generations.  HAPPINESS?  Sometimes we don’t always seem to follow along.  Ultimately, it seems very hard to form a system of government that all humans can agree upon and follow.  We are all different and sometimes have strongly different opinions on what are the right things to do.  I do believe that all people are somewhat TRYING to do well in their lives.  Most of us get lost along the way without God and a strong sense of family.  So in response, I think GOD has its own system.  She is not a communist.  He is not a capitalist.  He has a very good system in place that we can strive to follow.  Ultimately, this is a very hard task as we are ONLY HUMAN.  However, I think that with the new age of conscious awakening and cleaner “technologies,” hopefully we will eventually be able to put aside our differences and attempt to form the world in a new system based much more on God and Love and less on fear and control.  Can you say rant =)  What are your guys thoughts?