The “Healing Crisis”

Nature in the lake

What is the healing crisis?  Doesn’t sound like much fun huh?  

A healing crisis is both a welcome sight that can be very unpleasant to go through at the same time.  A lot of people in the west are completely unfamiliar with the healing crisis.  We are raised to think that feeling worse always means a worsening of health.  We don’t understand that sometimes we must go through some stuff to get through to the other side.  So what is a healing crisis?

Different people have different definitions.  I think a good way to explain it would be when nature’s healing forces overcome some type of resistance in the body causing a “health challenge.”  This can come from all kinds of things.  It could be as simple as cutting some junk food out of your diet.  Our bodies don’t really try to “heal” from something while we are still doing what is causing the insult or injury.  Let’s look at some things that could enact a healing crisis.  Keep in mind that this could be almost anything that is a positive step for your health.  This is nowhere near a complete list.

DIET CHANGES:  CUTTING out things like pasteurized dairy, gluten, sugar, fried foods, etc.  These enable your body to start eliminating these substances from buildup sites in the body.  ADDING in good foods can also cause a reaction.  Especially high nutrient foods.  Fruits, veggies, good fats, super-foods, some animal foods, etc.  Some things worth mentioning are raw cod-liver oil and beef liver.  Especially eating foods for your

CHIROPRACTIC:  This one can be huge.  Our lifestyle has completely compromised most of our natural curvature in our spine and neck.  This allows for a greatly compromised flow of life energy throughout your entire system.  Fixing these problems with a long-term chiropractor can definitely enact healing reactions.

CLEANSING:  Any acts to purposefully cleanse your system can cause a healing crisis.  This could include herbal formulas to cleanse the organs.  It could be enemas.  It could be whatever.  Anything that helps your body to cleanse itself.

LIFESTYLE CHANGES:  I am just lumping most lifestyle choices into one here.  Any one could enact some reactions on their own but especially when combined.  Included are: mild exercise, extra sleep/rest, stress relief, getting more “environmental nutrition” from sunlight, clean water, fresh air, grounding, etc.  All of these will help give your body MORE ENERGY with which to enact changes.

RESOLUTION:  Resolution of deeply held mental/emotional/spiritual conflicts can definitely enact healing crisis.  The deeper the trauma and the more energy/emotion behind it; the bigger the reaction.  The higher up on the scale will usually enact bigger shifts.  A problem with GOD is more serious for your life than a problem with your boss.  A problem with your father is more serious than a problem with your friend (hopefully).  These are blockages in our bodies that prevent them from healing how they should.  You have to remove the blockage for the body to heal.  This can also mean clearing out faulty mental habits as well.  This is one of the harder areas to work with but has amazing benefits.

SHIFTING:  Shifting of attitudes and viewpoints on life.  This could be stuck in the resolution aspect but I feel it is distinct enough to separate the two.  Shifting of attitudes and viewpoints has to do more with spiritual development.  These can be huge in healing.  These are things such as coming to the realization that we are all worthy of God’s love, that everybody deserves forgiveness and is struggling in life, that it’s ok to make mistakes, and that healing on a spiritual level is the ultimate healing.  These are things that completely change the way you look at your own life and the world in general.  You may find that shifting and spiritual growth make everything else a lot easier to achieve.

OTHER:  Other therapies can enact reactions as well.  These could include the use of essential oils, reflexology, acupuncture, massage, therapy, prayer, etc.  

Again, these are basically split into two categories.  There are only two ways to heal deeply and truly.  That is to either GIVE your body more energy in useable forms that it can apply to healing or REMOVE blockages in your life that are preventing whatever energy you are gathering from flowing properly to where it needs to be.  There are a few things you can do when dealing with these reactions.  You may attempt to speed it up, slow it down, or grin and bear it.

SPEED UP:  Eat lightly.  Lot’s of fruits and veggies, veggie juice, broths, water, etc.  Sleep a lot.  Take herbs/enemas for cleansing if needed.  Rest in every sense of the word.

SLOW DOWN:  If reactions are preventing you from living your life maybe you want to slow things down a bit.  Exercising more, eating more grounding meals, etc will help.  Sometimes reactions are very intense.  If they are too powerful it may be wise to cut back a bit on the treatment that is causing it.

GRIN:  This is wise when the reactions are unpleasant but bearable.  It seems best to ride that line.  In the end the body will balance out and you will feel better than before.

The nature of the world is health and healing.  Isn’t that cool?  I think sometimes we forget that health is our birthright.  We just need to look at where WE got off the path.  Unfortunately for us, this means admitting that WE often were mistaken or that our CHOSEN lives were going against God and nature in some way.  Very tough especially for us stubborn types =)




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