Root Vegetables

Food can be a big help when it comes to grounding ourselves out.  Unfortunately we have a ton of junk food around that people use to fill this purpose as well.  This is not the goal here.  The goal is to eat healthful food that helps us stay in the here and the now.  When cleansing it may be best to stick primarily to fruits and vegetables?  Maybe so.  But what if your body is doing some particularly big healing work?  Sometimes we need proteins and fats to provide fuel and substance for the transition.  This is especially true if you are undergoing some “vibrational flu” or “ascension” symptoms.  So what are some foods that can help us stay grounded on the planet?  

These are primarily foods that correlate with the 1st chakra and somewhat with the 2nd.  Any kind of ROOT vegetable will be good.  Not just potatoes but sweet potatoes, turnips, rutabagas, parsnips, etc.  Onions and leeks to a lesser extent.  Fruit as a general rule is not so grounding.  The most grounding fruits would appear to be things like apples and pears or hardy winter fruits.  Berries and the like not so much.  MEAT is extremely grounding.  Cooked animal protein is probably one of the most grounding things you can eat.  Of course overcooking it is always bad.  Always get a clean organic source.  Good options include crock-pot chickens, turkeys, etc.  Rare or raw meat can be used but is not as grounding.  These could include sashimi sushi style stuff like salmon, tuna, etc.  Eggs also fit in this category.  Raw are more cleansing and not as grounding.  There is no right or wrong here, just what we are trying to use them for.  A transition to a healthy diet usually has a lot of ups and downs as our bodies adjust to higher energy levels and better quality foods coming in.  

These cover the 1st chakra but what about #2?  Number 2 is associated with fats in general or liquids.  Things like fatty oils and nuts reside here.  Nuts are extremely grounding and dense.  They work good for grounding if they are required.  Stay away from things like roasted and sugar-coated nuts.  Get them raw and soak/dehydrate them prior to eating.  Things like walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, etc can all be used.  Other fats would include properly prepared olives, olive oil, coconuts, coconut oil, raw butter, and maybe some raw dairy products if they sit well with you.  

What about things to avoid?  In general, very light foods will not help you ground out much.  Eventually your body will adjust but life is a process.  The point is not to stress our bodies out during that process.  Eat more fruits and veggies and let your system adjust.  Cutting out junk, sugar, fried foods, etc will help facilitate the process as well.  I know it is tempting to grab the fried eggs, roasted nuts, cheeses, sweets, burgers, etc.  =) What are your favorite foods to ground with?



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