GROUNDING Series: Organization

English: A small pad of Post-It notes.

I can’t think of too many people who don’t like feeling caught up and organized.  Now I am not talking about some OCD thing here with vacuuming your apartment every day or getting every last spot on the counter.  I am talking about having your physical life ORGANIZED.  Having stuff cleaned up, bills paid, email checked, etc.  It really grounds us into the physical world by allowing us to feel like we are caught up there.  Makes sense right =)  So let’s look at some of the ways we can organize our lives and ground out a bit when we are feeling stressed or spacey.

LISTS:  The ever important list =)  A well constructed list helps us figure out what we want to accomplish or get done that day, month, or year.  Usually its the daily list that helps get us going on THAT day.  I like splitting my lists into different categories.  I split it into PRIORITIES of things i really want to get done and then into somewhat more non-essential things like cleaning out my closet or my car.  Lists help take what is inside our brains and put it onto paper so we don’t feel the need to carry it around as much.  Lists can also be longer than a day.  They can be things that we wish to accomplish DAILY like eating well or exercising.  It all depends on the constructs of who happens to be creating the list.  Keeping post it notes and plenty of pens around is also a wise idea.

PAPERWORK:  It seems that we live in a “sea” of paperwork these days.  There are the bills and the mail.  There are school and work documents to be looked through.  There is “electronic paperwork” in the form of email.  It can be a nightmare if we let it.  A little hard work one day can stop this process from happening.  We all get junk mail.  Take the extra minute to opt-out of any mail you no longer wish to receive instead of just deleting it.  Do the same with any junk mail that is happening to reach you by “mail mail”.  Get a tray for the mail you do need and keep up to date on bills, letters, etc.  Have things like pens, a stapler, paperclips, highlighters, etc all around in well-stocked supply so you are not hunting for them all the time.

CLEAN UP:  I know this is not some of our favorite step but it is one of the most important.  Keeping an “up to date” apartment, home, and vehicle are all important steps to feeling grounded.  This step amazes me.  Sometimes doing nothing else but having a straight place can take the edge off a bit.  Even if we have a lot of “work” or other “more important” things to get done, clean up always has its place as well.  I am not talking about making your place “spic and span.”  This is for the world of perfectionism which doesn’t really exist =)  I am talking more about organization.  Having your closet cleaned out.  Having your laundry not sitting in a giant pile somewhere waiting for the non-existent cleaning lady.  Cleaning your car out from all the trash you swore you would pickup when you got home.  Making sure that the plants are watered.  Things like that.  The goal does not have to be a sparkling, shiny place although this can be nice every once in a while.  The goal is to walk around your own home and feel like you can relax in it instead of having to look at things everywhere that are not done.

MISCELLANEOUS:  We all live crazy lives sometimes.  We have little end pieces that we need to get done.  Things like updating our drivers licenses and health insurance.  Things like accomplishing school or work projects that are not part of the daily grind.  These are things that don’t really wind up on in our daily lives but they will nag at us to get them done until we do.  Is it worth thinking about them for 3 weeks before we take care of them?  If it is something that truly NEEDS to get done (And I mean NEEDS not WANTS), then by all means, do it.

PLANNER:  This is a step I admit I am not very good at.  Things like keeping a date book or appointment calendar.  These things are easy to put out of the mind for a while as they are not tomorrow or even next week sometimes.  These are things out in the future that sneak up on us or pass us by when we are busy with other things.  Keeping a dedicated calendar, planner, appointment book, etc are all helpful in keeping these things in action.

I’m sure there is a lot more to organization that I am missing here but these are some of the more basic elements.  Keep up to date on the cleaning, the paperwork, the priorities, etc.  Lets let home truly be HOME.  Just being organized is a huge step to being more grounded =)





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