GROUNDING Series: Preparedness

English: Frozen raspberries.


Preparedness is a word that seems to mean different things to different people.  Most of the time we use it in a sense of being ready for work, school, life, etc.  These all help but often times they get in the way of our preparedness at home.  Let’s look at a few things to help us ground out at home by being prepared.

FOOD:  Stock up on food.  Groceries.  I used to know so many people who would try to eat healthy but the fridge was always empty.  The only option?  Take-out.  This one is tough sometimes.  We don’t want to waste food either.  I understand that certain fruits and vegetables go bad quicker than others.  Figure out the ones that keep for a while and stock up.  These would include root vegetables.  Things like potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips, parsnips, carrots, beets, etc.  Fruits that keep for a long time include apples, pears, and frozen fruits.  Don’t be afraid of frozen fruits and vegetables.  In the fat kingdom, most good quality oils will last a while.  Things like olives, olive oil, coconut oil, coconut butter, etc.  Raw butter will last a few weeks in a fridge.  As far as animal products; most last well in freezers.  Invest in a chest freezer if you can.  I know we love shortcuts and all but really.  If we stock up on things we can buy in bulk then we only have to do this a few times a month or even less.  Make a few pre-made dinners for yourself with healthy food so that you can just heat them up in a pinch if you are too tired to cook.

CLOTHES:  Somewhat goes with the previous post but keeping clean clothes around and making sure your home isn’t a mess with them always helps.

SUPPLIES:  This is all about the basics here.  Toilet paper, paper towels, soap, detergents, stamps, notepads, pens, etc.  

PLANNING:  What do you do when your electricity goes out for a few days?  When your car breaks down?  What if there is a fire in your house?  Natural disasters appear to be becoming ever more prevalent.  Having a well thought out plan (even a simple one) can help massively.  We don’t take the time to think about how much we rely on the “system” for most of our needs.  Our financial needs, electric/heating, water, etc.  Most of these are essential to life but they could be knocked out at times as well.

Anyways guys, I am off to the farmers market this morning.  It’s amazing how being well-stocked can help us ground out a bit.  A big step to grounding is going to be the next in the series: MINIMIZING.  We live in a world that has so much “technology” to help make our lives easier yet most of us feel like there is never enough time to get everything accomplished.  Let’s change that so that we can get around to the real point of being here: LIVING =)



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