Benefits of JUICING

English: Cucumber, celery & apple juice

Juicing seems like all the rage these days.  Juicers are flying off of shelves.  Breville must be happy.  What is going on here?  While I don’t personally believe that all of our food should be in liquid form, all these people must be on to something right?  I agree.  So just what are the benefits of juicing?

BREAKFAST:  Easy breakfast.  Throw some celery, carrots, beets, and some greens into the juicer and run the dishwasher with last nights dishes.

ALKALINITY:  Most people have heard of the acid/alkaline debate.  I’m not entirely sure it fully exists if we truly eat healthy food how our body is designed to eat.  A lion in the wild eats a ton of raw red meat and it’s body is still healthy.  How can this be with all the meat =)  Still, most of us have overly acidic bodies from years of OVERCOOKED/FRIED meats and fats.  Among the worst offenders are pasteurized dairy, cheeses, gluten, fried eggs and meats, pasteurized butter, roasted nuts, sugar, etc.  A hefty dose of concentrated vegetable juice will help start eating away at that acidic condition

VITAMINS/ENZYMES/MINERALS:  I’m convinced there is no other easier way currently known on getting large amounts of living nutrition into your cells.  In one glass you may consume half a bulb of celery, a few large carrots, a beet or two, and some green plants.  I will never sit down and eat all that which brings me to my only caution.

With all these amazing benefits of juicing, is there anything wrong with it?  I get a little cautious of most things that cause us to live out of balance with how we have lived for thousands of years.  In this case there is a lot of amazing nutrition = PLUS.  But what about the fiber?  What about the “juice” going in and flooding your system with nothing to slow it down?  This is especially true with high GI/sugary vegetables and even more so with fruit.  I would lay easy on the fruit juicing.  Making sure to use green vegetables like celery, spinach, dandelion, swiss chart, etc are good to help slow down the sugar.  Another good way to help slow down the juice is to add a small amount of high quality fat such as cod liver oil.   Besides, there are benefits of chewing, digestion, etc.  Try to mix up the foods you consume through juicing as it is possible to eat enormous quantities of things otherwise improbably done.  (You won’t find me chewing down celery.  In fact, I don’t even eat celery but I juice it.)  I believe juicing is an amazing way to flood the system with much-needed vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.  It is a good way to start reversing the process most of us growing up in the past few decades have started with a lot of bad choices.



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