Local VS Worldwide FOOD?

English: A farmer/vendor marking prices on mel...

This is a tough one.  But a short one.

There is a lot of debate over whether our food should come from across the world or from our own backyard.  A thousand years ago I would have definitely gone with local stuff.  BUT my ancestors come from similar climates and ate similar foods.  What if that wasn’t the case?

Advantages of local food would include: Cheaper price, better quality (hopefully), seasonality, etc.

Disadvantages of local food?:  If your ancestors were living in a location for a long period of time different from your current “location” it can start to get tricky.  If my ancestors were Eskimos will I really do well on a diet in the tropics?

We are all humans yes.  But we are obviously a lot different as well.  Look at people in sports, CEO’s in big companies, etc.  We have different body shapes, sizes, etc.  We run best on different fuel.  I wonder if this may change in the near future as we become a more global society.  Bottom line is that what we should eat is a complex topic that only the individual can truly answer for themselves.  Here are a few steps to determining what is right for you.

1.  Choose only high-quality, preferably organic, whole foods.  Cut out the junk.  Over time this will build the nutrition in your body and your natural instincts on what to eat and what not to eat will kick back in.

2.  Figure out your ancestry.  This step is critical in today’s world.  A lot of us don’t have much information on where we came from or who our ancestors were.  This can say a lot about your genetics and what types of food people were eating.

3.  Choose local when possible.  Try to align your eating style with local foods if you can.  However, if you are living in an area completely opposite from where you feel “at home” with the eating style you have two main options.  One is to move back to a climate that is more familiar with your taste buds, lifestyle, etc.  The other is to use our amazing grocery chain system to buy foods imported that are closer to your natural tendencies.

Either way, all of this is an evolution.  Eating local foods is great.  Always focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY.  Eat instinctively and your body should lead the way.



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