It’s OK to eat when your hungry!


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This seems strange to a lot of people.  We are constantly bombarded with portion controls and “diet plans.”  Eating when we are hungry seems strange and odd.  But I’m here to tell you that you truly can.  Animals in the wild do just fine eating when they are hungry.  But is there a catch?  Ok, you caught me.  There is a catch.  This only works when we are eating REAL FOOD!  I will give you an example.  We sometimes make homemade “walnut butter” here.  The recipe is on a previous post.  Basically it is raw dehydrated walnuts, coconut oil, maple syrup, cinnamon, and salt.  AMAZING.  Needless to say, because of the sugar and salt it doesn’t last long.  Salt is a necessary nutrient for a lot of people but can also be the reason why we overeat.  Sugar is the same way.  The funny thing is that when we just make walnuts by themselves without sugar or salt, they end up sitting on the shelf for a while.  So what is going on here?  I personally believe that a lot of the things that we think we “crave” are simply cravings for things that go with them.  It is no coincidence they add sugar, salt, fried fats, etc to most junk foods.  They are ADDICTING and our bodies have no natural shut-off switch for these foods.  Most people I know enjoy eating so let’s look at a few simple steps that will allow you to eat naturally when you are hungry without sweating about it.


1.  Focus on “elemental nutrition” first.  Make sure you are getting enough fresh air, clean water, sunlight, grounding, loving relationships, etc.  These are what our bodies are designed to get most of their nourishment from anyway.  Food is a supplement.


2.  Focus on REAL FOOD.  Get real olives, raw coconut oil, real eggs not fried, non-pasteurized milk, fresh fruits, vegetables, etc.  Limit the sugars, fried stuff, and seasonings.


3.  Focus on SUPER-FOODS.  I honestly believe that 95% of the time our bodies are craving nutrition and not calories.  Sometimes it’s calories but not often.  Add things like calf or bison liver, fresh cod-liver oil, varieties of fruits/veggies.  All of these things have amazing amounts of vitamins/minerals that our bodies require.


4.  Listen to your body.  Keep your house/apartment stocked with the GOOD STUFF.  Other than that, I believe trusting your body is usually the right course of action.  Don’t overcook or high cook meats as they are hard to digest.  


5.  Simpler meals.  Fewer food combinations.  Try not to mix and match everything together.  Basic rules?  Eat fruit by itself on an empty stomach.  Don’t mix meat and starch together.  Avoid too much liquids when eating meals unless it’s a soup.


That is basically it.  Our bodies are designed to have shut-off switches.  You are not going to overeat on broccoli.  This process will not happen overnight.  Ultimately we have cravings for things that are not good for us.  When we have been eating junk a lot of our lives it takes a while to reverse.  And if you have a craving for the GOOD STUFF then eat it!  People are too afraid of all this heresy you hear online.  Someone is going to have something bad to say about any food you may possibly think of eating.  This is true of fruits, meats, eggs, fats, vegetables, etc.  A lion in the wild eats a ton of raw red meat and he is fine.  Some of us are genetically inclined to eat more fruits and vegetables.  Some are inclined to eat more meat and fat.  Some do best with animal fat, some with plant fat.  This all shifts as you get healthier.  Ayurveda seems like a fairly good method of seeing what you will fare best with on a regular basis.  There are other methods like blood-typing, zone, paleo, etc.  Of course if you have a serious “health challenge” other considerations may be required.  Ultimately you are an individual.  So EAT what you want when you feel it is right.  Don’t eat when sick or when food sounds unappealing.  We should trust our bodies more =)





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